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About Smooth Drives

Off-roading is an experience like no other. Riding the vehicles on natural terrain has a thrill that cannot be replaced by anything else.

I and my team belong to a community of adventurers who have been traveling in ATVs and Jeeps since a very young age. The thrill of the unknown, the mesmerizing views, and the daring trails, have always appealed to our adventure-hungry instinct.

Our little off-roading club includes multiple adventurers and thrill-seekers who are united by a single prime factor, love for Jeeps.

We have taken every opportunity to learn about what Jeeps have to offer, and our personal experiences have allowed us to become somewhat experts in the field.

Our adventures have also given us the opportunity to meet other jeep-lovers who have shared their unique experiences with us.

Traveling in the jeeps also involved maintaining them and upgrading them from time to time. Jeep lovers tend to maintain and upgrade jeeps themselves instead of relying on mechanics for the job.

Hence, we decided to turn our passion into a project that could also benefit others which lead to the creation of this amazing platform.

Why We Created Smoothdrives.com?

Often while searching online, you come across a lot of useless content which just beats about the bush and does not focus on information that really matters.

We too were flustered with such websites that wasted hours when surfing online for important information.

Now that we have become jeep veterans ourselves, we decided to launch our own little project that can help other enthusiasts find the right information.

Our goal is simple: To create independent and objective reviews for jeep lovers that can help them find the best jeep for their needs.

We bring our years of experience and expertise to our readers’ disposal to help them go with the best available choice.

Unlike most online review sites, we do not simply rely on online research about jeeps. All of the reviews we provide are based on first-hand product testing.

We have tested some of the most amazing jeeps that are available, dismantled them to learn about the tiniest of details, and upgraded them to unleash their full potential on the terrain.

Hence, our reviews are authentic that can provide you real-world information about jeeps and their components.

How We Select The Products

The process we use for selecting the products is simple. As we are already aware of the market potential of certain jeep brands, we purchase the best available options from each category.

Once we have our hands on the product, we take it apart in our lab and conduct a series of tests on each component individually.

Our team includes expert mechanics who have worked on jeeps for the better part of a decade and have helped us upgrade our personal vehicles.

After conducting lab tests on the products, we take them out for a spin and test them in the real field. The field testing provides us with details like durability, reliability, and performance of the jeeps.

Gathering all these details allows us to accurately rank the products, justify their rankings and nominate the best products as per their test results.

Our reviews are completely objective and we do not accept sponsored products or paid testing for any brands. We purchase the vehicles out of our own pockets, and after conducting the tests, we resell them in the market.

What’s In It for Us

First of all, Jeeps is our passion. We love testing the new products in the market and crave taking them apart and riding them on the roughest of terrains, just for pleasure.

Since we do not take any paid promotions or ads from jeep companies, our whole earning is dependent on readers.

But you need not worry, we won’t charge you for reading our reviews or purchasing through our websites.

Let me explain it to you this way. We do extensive analysis and testing of products and provide you with detailed reviews.

Once you click on the affiliate link on our website and purchase the product from it, the retailer or dealership will provide us with a tiny portion of the sale to support our website.

It won’t cost you anything extra, as you will be purchasing the product at the original price.

So, all our earnings are purely promotion-free. Also, thanks for helping up keeping up the good work.

How We Nominate Our Top Picks

We have three top nominations in our reviews that we award to the best products. These nominations are for the top three products which most users are looking for.

The Editor’s Pick is awarded to the product which is top of the line with peak performance and reliability factors. This product is the real deal and comes with the tiniest or no drawbacks.

The Best Pick is awarded to the product which is best suited for a specific purpose. Every affiliate review we write is purpose-specific.

So, the product in our list which best suits that purpose is selected as the Best Pick.

We also nominate a Budget Pick in our list, for people who have a limited budget. We provide them with an economical option that does not compromise on quality or performance.

For the Budget Pick, we do not simply go with the cheapest available option, but rather provide our users with a product that offers the best value at a low cost.

Your Satisfaction is Our Aim!

At SmoothDrives, we take the responsibility of doing all the hard work so that you don’t have to. We have a commitment to provide you with the best available options based on extensive research and testing.

Hence, to earn your satisfaction through the right means, we test each of our products extensively and do not rely on any third-party information unless we have tested it ourselves.

Our expert team includes Katherine Walker, James Elson, and Richard Smith who have acquired years of knowledge and experience by exploring different terrains and mountains in jeeps. We also have expert mechanics who help us take the vehicles apart and put them back together.

We don’t simply want our readers to read the reviews and be done with them. We want to know what our readers think about our reviews and have our reviews really helped them.

Hence, we encourage you to engage with us through comments, email, or direct contact and tell us about your thoughts and opinions.

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We have also developed a smartphone application to keep you updated with the reviews. The app provides you an interactive interface to find the best buying guides and reviews you are looking for.

The smartphone application also provides you with regular updates and alerts regarding our latest reviews. It also makes communication with us more convenient, so that you can interact with us efficiently.

The application is an effort on our part to provide you with the best details on the go. It is still a project in development and we are constantly updating our application to fix the bugs and improve the features.

Thank You for Your Support

We would like to thank all the people and jeep lovers who have supported us in this venture. Our website is a success because of our readers.

Over the years, we have received lots of love from all the adventurers who are passionate about off-roading activities.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can contact us anytime. We always love feedback from our readers.