Are Hankook Tires Good? All You Need To Know Before Buying

At the lowest rates, Hankook is providing the most innovative and humanized tires to add next-level comfort and stability to our driving experience. Are Hankook tires good? – is not a question mark anymore because, with the long-term warranties, excellent customer service, and consistent performance, the brand has built an unbeatable name and trust in the automotive industry. Hankook is originally a South Korean company that has expanded its roots to many countries now.

Are Hankook Tires Good

Without a doubt, I can rely on Hankook tires anytime for many reasons including better traction, low fuel consumption, quiet driving, low vibration, maximum speed ratings, considerable wear and tear ratio, durability, and much more. Hankook is the largest manufacturer and has produced tires of different classes and price ranges and deciding one from all is challenging. So, as a long-term user, I took the liberty to explain things as simply as I can.

Are Hankook Tires Good?

Hankook Tire & Technology

Hankook is a South Korean company selling industrial-grade tires which will bring your riding experience to the next level. The company ranks in the seventh position among the world’s largest tire companies because of its broad spectrum in terms of sales and production. The brand is headquartered in South Korea, while its main manufacturing sites of Hankook are in Korea, China, the USA, Hungary, and Indonesia.

The brand initially started selling tires in Korea but now has moved all over the world. The technical centers of Hankook are located in many different countries including Germany, Japan, China, Osaka, Hannover, Akron, Daejeon, Ohio, and of course Korea. In 2016, the company decided to shift its headquarters from Korea to Nashville, Tennessee to expand its shipping reach. This move was a big change as the company invested almost $5 million to make it possible.

Long story short, I must say that Hankook is a popular worldwide tire-producing brand with recognition in different countries. The company has gained that wide recognition by attaining customer’s belief and trust which is only possible if a manufacturer delivers consistent quality, innovation, and affordability. The main motto of Hankook tire and technology is “THE FUTURE DRIVING INNOVATOR” which means the company keeps struggling to add innovation and advancement.

Hankook Tires: All The Perks

The answer to “Are Hankook tires good?” is incomplete without discussing the advantages Hankook has brought. When buying the tires for your vehicle, you’re a bit fearful and concerned to have something reliable no matter what. Considering that, Hankook is the most trustable brand for selling worthwhile yet affordable products. There are bundles of benefits you get with the Hankook tires, let’s discuss them all quickly:

Hankook Tires All The Perks

Technology & Innovation

The technology aims to provide us with convenience, for instance, conventional tires are more demanding in terms of maintenance cost and are less likely to survive in extreme environments. In contrast, advanced tires come with special technologies that make them stand stiff against external impact factors. As far as Hankook is concerned, the company has launched excellent tire technology that gives unbeatably smooth and comfortable mobility service.


Durability refers to how long a product will last and the Hankook tires are designed to last for years and years. They come with a brand’s warranty of 50,000 miles, which allows you to make a trustable choice. You can claim this warranty simply if you’re having any issues with the product. Even after 50,000 miles of coverage, the Hankook tires remain the same in terms of quality and performance; however, it is suggested to take good care of cleanliness and maintenance to elongate the shell life.

Build Quality

The main materials used in making Hankook tires are green carbon and rubber, and both of these raw elements are usually derived from recycled tires. This is something appreciable because Hankook is playing a major role in sustaining the resources. Apart from combat against the climate change crisis carbon and rubber in combination give the utmost sturdiness, flexibility, and stability to the tires. You’ll not feel uncomfortable even on the bumpiest roads with the Hankook tires.


“Are Hankook tires good?” Yes, primarily because the Hankook tires are not costlier. The brand has launched a line of products for both inexperienced and professional users and has wide price ranges. Regardless of whether you’re a budget-conscious buyer or quality-preferring consumer, the Hankook will not let you disappoint by featuring “VALUE FOR MONEY”. Once you become a regular user of Hankook, you’ll also get discounts, warranty claims, and other facilities from the company.

Hankook Tire Guide: Everything You Need To Know

After getting the positive answer to “Are Hankook tires good?” and when you finally decide to buy one, you need to know certain queries: what kind of tire is needed by your vehicle? How much do you want to pay for a tire? How long will the tire you’re buying last? Whether you need to replace your tire or upgrade its model? Don’t make a decision in a rush, keep calm and start reading the details I’m sharing below for your ease.

Hankook Tire Guide
Infographic: Hankook Tire Guide

Types Of Tires

As a newbie, you’ll feel overwhelmed by the tons of products in the tire market. There are many open options for you among which you’ve to decide which kind of tire is best for you. For that reason, it is important to address your vehicle’s compatibility first, which means whether your car will go through with a tire or not. Secondly, you have to take into account weather conditions in which you usually drive, for instance rainy, hot, winter, windy, and so forth.

As we all know there are different types of tires available and thankfully Hankook has them all in their production line. Therefore, to buy the best Hankook tire you need to understand major types and their application. Let’s take a deeper look!

CUVs Tires

CUV stands for a crossover utility vehicle and it is a type of vehicle that is built to deliver improved ride height. It looks similar to usual passenger cars and has a more durable body than casual vehicles. It would be right to say that SUVs or sedans are opposite to conventional sports cars as they are constructed on unibody chassis. If you opt for a sedan, CUV, or minivan, the most reliable and comfortable tires will be feasible for you.

As far as CUV tires are concerned, the main divisions are all-season tires, touring tires, summer tires, and performance tires. The all-season tires, as the name indicates, are designed to tackle all weather conditions without compromising on comfort. They offer smooth rides on all roads and maintain traction.

While the touring tires also work best for AUVs and help you in securing a comfortable and less bumpy ride. They offer more performance-oriented advantages including better handling, improved traction, higher speed ratings, and more. No matter whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the touring tires will help you in enduring high speeds without compromising on security and control. In general, these tires are picture-perfect in terms of performance.

Additionally, the summer tires are built to cope with the warm climates. In hot areas, the highways are typically dryer than normal and cause more friction, and for that reason, you need the perfect Hankook summer times which handle the warm weather conditions nicely. In a nutshell, the summer tires provide a strong grip on roads and offer responsive conduction, especially in dry environments.

Last but certainly not least, the performance tires are the beasts! As you know, I said touring tires are best for performance, but the performance tires are unbeatable without a doubt for their maximum speed ratings, utmost support while driving, and resistance against weather fluctuations. These tires come with special grooves in their profile that aim to give a tight grip on all kinds of roads to make riding as smooth as cream.

SUVs Tires

If you’re an owner of a jeep wrangler or other heavy-duty automobile including a truck, wagon, or an SUV, an ordinary tire will definitely not make sense. You’ve to get one of the following kinds of tires based on your car’s suitability, location, and driving styles: highway tires, all-terrain tires, and rib tires. The highway tires are designed for heavy vehicles and help give a smoother and more confident ride. No matter how heavy your automobile is, the highway tires manage to support speedy rides.

Secondly, the all-terrain tires which are also called mud-terrain tires are best suited for uneven and bumpy roads. They help you experience off-roading by withstanding extreme environments like mud, sand, gravel, dirt, wet, or more. All credit goes to their unique complex tread pattern design that deals excellently with many driving conditions without putting the protection at risk.

Lastly, the rib tires are better for vehicles that are mostly on highways and must cover maximum mileage. The rib tires not only give good traction but also improve the fuel efficiency of your car, so what else are you looking for? Plus, they withstand weather conditions too.

Size Of Tires

Size is a striking parameter to consider getting the best Hankook tire that suits your vehicle. For that reason, you need to know the proper dimensions. In terms of stats, the size of the tire is typically stated in numbers and letters for example 245 / 40 – R 18 where the first number “245” shows the width of the tire in mm. The digits after the slash line “40” is the aspect ratio of the tire that depicts the tallness of the sidewall with the width percentage. Lastly, the final digits show the series and diameter like “R” means radial.

The aspect ratio is very important when you’re considering the size of the tire. For your information, the higher aspect ratio number means a taller sidewall and vice versa. There are mainly two kinds of tires based on this aspect ratio number: (1) low profile tires which come in the range of 30 to 40 and are suitable for sports cars or AUVs, and (2) high profile tires come in a range of 45 to 60 and are best suited for SUVs and sedans. The final number in the series is the diameter of the wheel in inches that the tire must mount to.

Durability Test

As I said before, the Hankook tires are foremost in terms of durability as they come with a brand’s warranty of 50,000 miles, which allows you to make a trustable choice. You can claim this warranty simply if you’re having any issues with the product. Even after 50,000 miles of coverage, the Hankook tires remain the same in terms of quality and performance; however, it is suggested to take good care of cleanliness and maintenance to elongate the shell life.

However, the durability varies among different products as some Hankook tires are built to offer maximum tread wear rating and can go through all extreme conditions while some are designed for casual use and cannot withstand pressures beyond the limit. Therefore, as a general idea, you need to address your usability before you spend money on a Hankook tire. In a few words, two parameters demand your consideration: mileage warranty and tread wear rating of the tire.

“Are Hankook tires good?” To answer that, Hankook – the number one tire-making industry has a specific testing team that examines and practically checks a product before its launch. The testing trial tells the durability on a scale and reveals whether this tire is suitable for casual driving, or off-roading. You can easily find all the information online on the official website of Hankook as well as on YouTube through which you can decide which product is for you.

Speed Rating Of Tire

Speed rating shows how fast your vehicle will travel over a specific time with a Hankook tire without risking your life and vehicle’s health in danger. It is also linked to the other terms called performance potential or fuel efficiency. A Hankook tire which is made for heavy-duty vehicles will have a maximum speed ratio while the one which is suitable for AUVs has an average speed rating. In general, the speed rating is written in alpha-numeric codes: letters include L – Y and the speed range from 75 – 186 mph.

Replacing vs. Upgrading Tires

Replacing tires and upgrading tires are two different things: replacing means removing the old tire and getting a new which is equivalent to the older one while upgrading tires refers to getting something more in terms of performance. When you are replacing old tires, you have to go for something that is exactly like the previous one, and for that reason note down the dimensions, ratings, and other features of your older model and search for the same thing.

You can buy a similar tire from both the online market and physical stores. As far as replacing tires is concerned, I recommend online shopping because online marketplaces are directly linked to the supply chains and will provide you with the original product. Secondly, you also have some web-based platforms like “Tire Rack” that have a wide database of various tire models and will let you compare different tires and buy accordingly.

With the flip of a coin, upgrading is a bit of a complicated decision because you’re searching for something more advanced and practically better. For that reason, you should address your requirements according to size, speed rating, stability, handling, and other parameters and then look for a tire that fulfills the criteria. In my opinion, when you’re upgrading tires, do consider the all-season tires by Hankook for their best performance.

5 Best Hankook Tires 2022 In The Market – Hankook Tires Reviews

“Are Hankook tires good?” You have an answer now, so let’s highlight some products. There are a bunch of Hankook tires available in today’s market and choosing one can be tedious. Therefore, I made an effort of compiling the best ones under the roof so that you don’t need to scroll the market. Swipe down and start reading:

1. Hankook Dynapro ATM Tire

Hankook Dynapro ATM Tire

The first choice on this list is the Hankook Dynapro ATM all-terrain radial tire. All-terrain is a type of tire that is designed to provide better traction and stability regardless of external impact factors. These tires are best suited for heavy vehicles including SUVs, trucks, wagons, buses, and more.

I bought a pair of Dynapro ATM initially to replace the front tires of my very favorite 2000 Suburban, mid-size car. The experience was crazy; Dynapro ATM improved the overall weight carrying capacity of the vehicle, speed ratio, balance, and momentum. The major change I noticed was “driving without vibration and noise”; the Dynapro ATM produces no sound at all no matter how fast you’re driving.

Hankook Dynapro ATM Tire

Moreover, the Dynapro ATM provides a better grip than its market competitors without depending on the kind of road. That’s the major reason why I found these tires excellent for off-roading and adventurous trips. All credit goes to its innovative tread and sidewall profile that keeps the vehicle in place even on the bumpiest roads.

It would be right to say that Dynapro ATM is one of the signature products by Hankook which will not let you compromise over any major thing. It is made of heavy-duty materials that ensure its long lifetime; while its robustness doesn’t mean any extra weight because Dynapro is a lightweight tire. You’ll also get the manufacturer’s warranty on Amazon for this product which allows you to make a safe purchase.

What we liked

  • Fair price
  • Durable
  • Versatile

What we didn’t like

  • Old manufacturing date

In conclusion, the Dynapro ATM is among the most worthwhile production by Hankook for its reliable performance, durability, and versatility. It will add stability, better traction, and resistance to your riding experience. Apart from all the perks, the Dynapro is also an affordable pick, so what else are you searching for?

2. Hankook Kinergy PT (H737)

Hankook Kinergy PT

The second foremost choice for the best Hankook tires is none other than the Kinergy PT all-season tire. As the name suggests, all-season tires are designed to tackle all weather conditions without compromising on comfort. They offer smooth rides on all kinds of roads and maintain traction.

When considering the best Hankook tires, you need to look for the tire ply which refers to the internal layers of the tire. Likewise, the Kinergy PT is a radial ply tire that is built with layers of fabric that are positioned radially. The primary benefits associated with radial ply tires are fuel efficiency, better resistance, and improved traction.

I bought two pairs of Kinergy PT tires for my car and after replacing them I felt proud of myself for making this change. These tires are not only the best in performance but also super easy to handle and install into the vehicle. The best thing is that the maintenance cost is extremely low as Kinergy PT does not require much upkeep.

Undoubtedly, the Kinergy PT brings an array of benefits like improved stability, weather resistance, and whatnot. If you are more likely to drive on roads that are exposed to weather changes including snow, rain, mud, or more, the Kinergy PT is perfect for you because of its maximum wear and tear ratio. However, these tires are a bit more expensive than my old Cooper tires.

What we liked

  • Resistant to all seasons
  • Highly stable
  • Low maintenance cost

What we didn’t like

  • Comparatively expensive

In a nutshell, the Kinergy PT tire is a perfect pick for people who live in an area exposed to all seasons: winter, summer, rain, snow, wind, and more. I love replacing my old Cooper tires with these Kinergy tires for their better stability, lower fuel consumption, and low maintenance.

3. Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2

Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2

Thirdly, we have the Hankook Ventus V12 Evo 2 radial tire. It possesses a special gripping ability which is rare to see no matter how much you pay. Driving with these tires on your vehicle feels like the base has grasped the road strongly and it will not slide in any position. That’s why I found this tire excellent for beginners because of its easy handling. However, this is limited to a certain speed and if you increase the speed limit, controlling will become difficult.

Hankook Ventus V12 Evo2

Ventus V12 is literally among the most lightweight tires I have ever bought. Though the featherweight of V12 has nothing to do with the durability and stiffness as Ventus is built with tough materials that stand stiff against impact factors. To be honest, this tire is long-lasting until you’re riding on a highway or a nicely built surface as it is not an all-season tire.

Perfectly imperfect is what defines Ventus V12! That’s why I kept it in the third position. According to manufacturers, this product was designed to make casual or routine driving better in terms of performance by providing better control and the least maintenance cost.

What we liked

  • Ideal for casual driving
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle

What we didn’t like

  • Not an all-season tire

Learning from scratch? Driving is a skill that needs improvement and progress on a daily basis. Likewise, if you’re a beginner and want to improve your riding experience, there is nothing better than Ventus V12 for its effortless handling, feather-like weight, and suitability for casual driving.

4. Hankook DynaPro HT RH12

Hankook DynaPro HT RH12

Budget is a non-skippable factor, and buyers have to make sure about it. In other words, there is a term called “VALUE FOR MONEY”; it matters the most because you need to ensure that you’re getting at least what you’re paying for. Coming to the point, if you’re looking for a cost-effective Hankook tire, the DynaPro HT RH12 is meant for you for its low price.

The affordability of DynaPro HT RH12 doesn’t mean any less performance because this tire runs like a pro. It is an all-season tire that is built to stand like a stone against all extreme conditions. However, I am not suggesting this tire to off-roaders because it is designed for low-profile vehicles.

Additionally, the speed rating is another striking factor of a tire that shows how fast your vehicle will travel over a specific time with a Hankook tire without risking your life and vehicle’s health in danger. It is also linked to the other terms called performance potential or fuel efficiency. In this sequence, the DynaPro HT is capable of supporting a maximum speed of around 118 mph or 190 km per hour.

What we liked

  • Weather resistance
  • Affordable
  • Promising speed rating

What we didn’t like

  • Installation is a bit challenging

Reasonably priced and best-performing are the terms that define the DynaPro HT RH12. The tire is built to deliver better resistance, stability, momentum, and speed without putting your car at risk.

5. Hankook Dynapro HP2 Tire

Hankook Dynapro HP2 Tire

Then comes the Hankook DynaPro HP2 performance tire that stands out for its improved support. Another radial tire on this list will add fuel efficiency, better resistance, and traction. It’s not just word of mouth as after replacing the old tire with HP2 I noticed a big difference in fuel consumption.

The DynaPro HP2 is a performance tire, another class of tires that are constructed to give maximum speed ratings. Apart from speedy performance, this tire will build up utmost support while driving, and resistance against weather fluctuations. It comes with special grooves that aim to give a tight grip on all kinds of roads to make riding as smooth as cream.

Build quality matters the most as materials used in making a product determine whether an item is dependable or not. In this sequence, the DynaPro HP2 ranks among the top tires by Hankook for its excellent construction. It is made of high silica rubber which adds thermal stability, flexibility, and durability, and in short, will make riding smoother.

What we liked

  • Excellent construction quality
  • Better resistance
  • Efficient fuel consumption

What we didn’t like

  • Not a popular product

The DynaPro HP2 might not be as popular as the other Hankook tires listed above but it has a strong grip of traction and stability. I am impressed with its unique build quality that smoothens riding and also cuts down the fuel cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do Hankook tires last?

Hankook tires come with the brand’s warranty of 50,000 miles. Claim this warranty whenever you’re having any issues with the product by contacting customer service. Even after 50,000 miles of coverage, the Hankook tires remain the same in terms of quality and performance if maintained properly.

Are Hankook tires noisy?

No! The Hankook tires will bring the most silent riding experience ever. All thanks to their special sound absorber technology that reduces the vibration level and sound to zero.

What is Hankook best known for?

Hankook Tire & Technology is a worldwide brand that has created an excellent reputation and good terms in the market through consistent quality, innovation, and affordability. “THE FUTURE DRIVING INNOVATOR” is the motto of Hankook which aims to produce the most advanced and innovative tires that transform driving in a better way.

Final Thoughts!

Hankook is among the most affordable and reliable brands for selling remarkable tires worldwide. The company has a good line for both sedans or SUVs with a wide price scale, speed ratings, and more. The primary benefits you get with Hankook are its versatility, official warranties, and unbeatable durability. Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or an expert driver, you’ll feel a bit different in terms of performance with the Hankook tires. Here are my favorite Hankook tires:

“Are Hankook tires good?” – is not a question anymore! This detailed discussion already revealed tens of reasons why you should rely on Hankook. The brand has a strong grip on speed ratings, budget-friendliness, fuel efficiency, and overall better riding performance. I’ve also listed some solid choices by Hankook which will bring your riding experience to the next level, so don’t forget to read. Visit the official website for more info!