Best Jeep Cherokee Tires Of 2022 – Detailed Reviews

Jeep Cherokee is the best and the most familiar Jeep that is owned by big families and is preferred for long trips. These jeeps are comparatively safer and more reliable and if you want to get the most out of Jeep Cherokee, without any second thought, go for the selection of the best Jeep Tires.

Best Jeep Cherokee Tires

All such tires are constructed for both on-road and off-road riding, even some of them are made for driving in the cold rainy weather. They add stability to the Jeep, ensuring your ride safety. Moreover, as soon as you switch to the best Jeep Cherokee tires for your Jeep Cherokee, you would not want to go back to the random tires you once had.

Best Jeep Cherokee Tires Overview

Best Overall Best Overall Goodyear Assurance MaxLife
  • Load Capacity: 1047 lbs.
  • Rim Size: 16 inches
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Premium Pick Premium Pick Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady
  • Load Capacity: 2337 lbs.
  • Rim Size: 20 inches
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Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice Continental ProContact TX
  • Weight Capacity: 1874
  • Rim Size: 17 inches
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Budget Friendly Budget Friendly Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring Radial
  • Load Capacity: 1477 lbs.
  • Rim Size: 15 inches
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Most Durable Most Durable Nitto Motivo
  • Load Capacity: 2337 lbs.
  • Rim Size: 20 inches
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Top Pick Top Pick Falken WildPeak A/T3W
  • Load Capacity: 2755 lbs.
  • Rim Size: 17 inches
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Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus
  • Load Capacity: 2403 lbs.
  • Rim Size: 17 inches
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7 Best Jeep Cherokee Tires Reviews

Here I am going to elaborate on the 7 best Jeep Tires that are used by professional jeep riders and are renowned for giving you a comfortable, stable, and smooth ride, no matter how long you are driving the Jeep.

1. Goodyear Assurance MaxLife

Best Overall

Goodyear Assurance MaxLife



  • Possess great control over the road
  • Comes with a wear gauge
  • Can deal with the weather on its own
  • Extremely comfortable for long routes

A tire for memorable tours! Yes. This Goodyear Assurance MaxLife is the best touring tire that can handle the most complicated types of road situations. It is among those tires that are ideal for both on-road and off-road touring needs, no matter which route you are planning to go. It serves you equally efficiently no matter which road condition you have selected to drive.

Moreover, it won’t even let the weather be involved in your adventure because it is designed in a way that makes it ideal for several weather conditions including rainy, wet, winter, and dry environments. You would love the power and strength you get with these tires.

The strong connection between the rubber and the road not only gives you stability but also ensures you a safer ride. Moreover, there is this Goodyear’s wear gauge that will let you know how many treads are left in the tires. It tells you about the condition of the tires so that you are aware of replacing the tires before any mishap. Also check out a list of the best tires for the jeep Grand Cherokee.

What we liked

  • Highly comfortable
  • Stable riding
  • Great in traction

What we didn’t like

  • Less durable

Goodyear Assurance MaxLife is a good quality tire with highly comfortable riding, no matter which route you select for riding. It gives you strong traction on every type of route, including wet, dry, and winter road conditions. Moreover, this product comes with a wear gauge that lets you know about the treads that are left in the tires.

2. Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady

Premium Pick

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady



  • Comes with Evolving Traction and Weather Reactive Technology
  • Ideal for all-weather usage
  • Comes with soybean oil in the tires
  • Gives you the safest ride with the firm control

There are times when you look for the best Jeep Cherokee tires for the winter season. This specifically happens if you live in the northern area or plan to go on a long trip towards the cold tourist regions. For such purpose, these Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady are the best available tires to give your jeep Cherokee the best of its performance.

With the possibility of providing you with all-weather traction, these Goodyear weather-ready tires are the top most available choice. They will save you equally efficiently, no matter what type of road you are riding your jeep on. The reason why this model is unique from others in our list of top best Jeep tires is the presence of soybean oil in the tires.

This soybean oil is responsible for providing you with a grip and firm hold over the road, giving you the safest ride possible. Furthermore, the presence of an asymmetric tread pattern leaves the water out itself, giving you the strongest control on the road.

What we liked

  • All-weather traction
  • Asymmetric tread pattern
  • Ideal for the winter season

What we didn’t like

  • Slightly expensive than others

Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady is our second best product from the same company, from which we have selected our top best product. This is because Goodyear is highly reliable and trustworthy for providing the users with the best quality and superior performance. This model of the wheel comes with great all-weather traction and a specialty of holding the road strongly in the winter season or other cold conditions.

3. Continental ProContact TX

Editor’s Choice

Continental ProContact TX



  • Highly positively reviewed
  • Strong and sturdy construction
  • Safer rides on long routes
  • Makes almost no noise on the road

“Continental” has been a reliable brand constructing tires for ages. And continental’s this model ProContact TX is renowned for being the best tire for all seasons. Irrelevant of season, these tires allow you to enjoy a strong grip, great traction, and a highly stable ride throughout your adventure.

Moreover, this tire makes sure that the driver does not get affected by the incoming shocks because of the presence of an underground compound. This underground compound not only reduces the noise but also deals with the shocks and minimizes the vibrations to make the riding smooth and uninterrupted throughout the time.

You must be thinking that all of these features would be of an expensive price. Yes? Well, let me tell you, No. They are not! This model comes at such an affordable price that makes it popular and highly recommended by most users. This reliable performance at this affordable price is yes a jackpot for the Jeep lovers.

What we liked

  • Highly inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Comes with a warranty

What we didn’t like

  • Less tread depth

Continental ProContact TX is another best Cherokee tire that not only is affordable but also very qualitatively constructed. You will love how amazingly it rides on the road’s surface, without making any sound, giving you a peaceful experience. The presence of great traction on every type of road’s surface makes it versatile and highly efficient.

4. Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring Radial

Budget Friendly

Goodyear Assurance Comfortred



  • Comes with an extra comfortable zone
  • Gives 20% more cushioning
  • Ultra Wet traction feature gives outstanding traction
  • Comfort Edge side walls

Do you love traveling a lot? If yes this model from Goodyear is a must to try for the most comfortable rides. Of course, who doesn’t want to enjoy a high comfort zone when riding for long hours. Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring Radial will give you the best comfort zone throughout the riding, regardless of what weather and what route you select for riding.

This model focuses mainly on giving comfort to the user. This is because it comes with a specific layer known as the comfort layer located in the tread of the tires, responsible to give around 20% more cushioning and comfort when compared with other standard tires for jeep Cherokee.

Moreover, the presence of ultra wet traction gives the user the excellent ability to control the wet road conditions with confidence. Then comes the ComfortEdge sidewalls. These side walls are responsible to provide proper balancing between both comfort and handling of the tires, ultimately resulting in giving you a safer ride.

What we liked

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Ergonomic construction
  • Ultra wet traction

What we didn’t like

  • Less load capacity

Goodyear Assurance Comfortred Touring Radial is our 4th best and extremely comfortable tire that comes with extra cushioning and comfort layer in its treads. This ensures you experience 20% more relaxation and comfort throughout the riding. It gives you highly stable performance and is ergonomic in construction, giving you a smooth riding experience.

5. Nitto Motivo

Most Durable

Nitto Motivo



  • Comes with the latest specs inbuilt into it
  • Very long-lasting and have highly durable performance
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ideal for wet and cold road conditions

If you are looking for the best, most durable, and affordable product all at once, our 4th best product Nitto Motivo is highly reliable in this regard. It gives you highly long-lasting performance, without affecting your budget. So if you truly want to get the most out of your tires, I will recommend you to check out these Nitto Motivo models, or at least give them a try.

Moreover, the versatile functionality gives you the best performance with these tires in the form of giving great traction on all types of road surfaces. This specifically includes rainy and wet road conditions. The comfortability and quietness you will experience in the presence of these tires is something that every rider usually demands.

In addition to all of these, the presence of alignment indicators adds to the perks of this tire. These alignment indicators allow you to know how much life of the tire is left. The construction is done in the US under Advanced Tyre Manufacturing Technology which ultimately ensures the quality and smoothness in the gliding of the tires.

What we liked

  • Comes with alignment indicators
  • Qualitative construction
  • Highly comfortable

What we didn’t like

  • Not good for dry roads

Nitto Motivo is said to be the best affordable and most durable tire that is constructed with the use of Advanced Tire Manufacturing Technology. Since the construction is done in the US, there is no doubt about the quality and performance of the tires. Moreover, these tires come with advanced technologies inbuilt into them, giving them advanced level performance with advanced level efficiency in their performance.

6. Falken WildPeak A/T3W

Top Pick

Falken Wildpeak



  • Can tolerate upto 2755 pounds of load capacity
  • Ideal for both rainy and dry conditions of the road
  • Affordable
  • High count of positive reviews

Falken WildPeak A/T3W proved itself to be the best budget and best highway tires both at once. The product is highly affordable, even when it comes with all the necessary specifications and characteristics. Whether you are riding in off-road conditions or on the highway, these 6th best Jeep Cherokee tires give you the best of their performance on both of the routes.

Furthermore, Falken WildPeak A/T3W is popular because of being compatible with all types of weather situations. They work well in both rainy conditions and dry conditions, without wearing out quickly. Moreover, if you are planning to go on a tour that involves different weather conditions and different road conditions, you can trustworthily try this model and can enjoy the best experience of adventure.

In addition to all of that, the load capacity of 2755 pounds gives the tire the ability to tolerate 2755 pounds weight easily, without affecting its performance. It means you can blindly go to the selection of these tires if you are planning to go on a long drive with all of your family members.

What we liked

  • 2755 pounds load capacity
  • Ideal for all types of weather
  • Highly affordable

What we didn’t like

  • Rubber is of bad quality

Falken WildPeak A/T3W is an affordable tire with all the necessary features that you demand in the best Jeep tires. It comes with a 2755 pounds load capacity, giving you the option to go on a long drive with all of your family members easily. Moreover, because these tires are designed to give you the best performance in all weather conditions, you can trustworthily buy them, without any second thought.

7. Pirelli Scorpion – Best All Terrain Tires For Jeep Cherokee

Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus



  • Gives strong traction on the road
  • Smooth movement of the wheel
  • Comes with inbuilt stone ejectors
  • Sidewall construction

Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus is the last tire on our list of best Jeep tires. It comes from one of the most trustworthy brands when it comes to the purchase of vehicles. Yes, the Pirelli. This Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus gives you the most memorable experience of smooth riding, on the highway and on long routes, no matter what kind of road conditions you select.

This is the best model when it comes to off-road driving with the Jeep. The aggressiveness and sharpness in the tread pattern give you maximum stability and control in bad conditions on the road. This enhances your control and makes sure you firmly control the road, to avoid any kind of slippage.

Moreover, it comes with safety sidewalls. These safety side walls construction gives you a safer ride and highly reliable traveling when it comes to security and safety. The unique feature of these 7th best Jeep tires is the presence of conical stone ejectors. These stone injectors automatically slide the stone that came in their pathway to save you, your jeep, and lots of your time and money.

What we liked

  • Sidewall construction
  • Remove the stones automatically
  • Firmly control the road

What we didn’t like

  • Poor in balancing

Pirelli Scorpion All Terrain Plus is a great tire for Jeep Cherokee that belongs to the reliable brand. It gives you smooth riding throughout the highway, regardless of the road condition. Moreover, the sharpness in the tread pattern ensures maximum stability and control over wet road conditions.

Guide To Pick The Best Jeep Cherokee Tires

The description below contains the details of the features and characteristics that should be present in your jeep Cherokee tires. These features, when present in your jeep tire, make it worth purchasing. Moreover, when looking for the best Jeep Cherokee tires, focus on these specifications, and make sure they are present in the products you are purchasing.

Guide To Pick The Best Jeep Cherokee Tires
Infographic: Guide To Pick The Best Jeep Cherokee Tires

Load Capacity

Load capacity is the capacity of the weight that your jeep can tolerate. Always look for the load capacity, when purchasing the best Jeep tires. It tells you how much weight your Jeep can tolerate. Never ignore these features because in case you are putting the weight more than the load capacity of the Jeep tire, your tire may tear or break down causing you severe harm or damage to the vehicle.


Size is the most important thing that we should focus on when looking for the best Jeep tires. This is because if the size is not accurate and adequate for your needs, it is not worth purchasing, instead, is a waste of money. Make sure to look for the size and select the best compatible size that will serve you in the best way. Otherwise, poor sizing results in instability and makes the Jeep unsafe for you, specifically on longer routes.

Tread Wear Information

Trade wear information is the information that will let you know how long your tire will last. It is written on the side of the tire after the name trade wear. It is displayed in numbers. Higher the number, the higher the longevity of the product. Lower the number, lower the life of the tire. Now it’s up to you if you want your tire to last longer then go for one whose number is comparatively higher than others. This is how you can get a durable product.

User Reviews

This is my personal experience. Those products that are purchased after focusing on the user reviews available online are comparatively better in functioning. Look for what the people who have used this product are reviewing in the comment section. Select the product according to that. I will recommend you to go with the product that has the most positive reviews. In this way, you would be able to know which tire is better, without even practically using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Jeep Cherokee tire available in the market with the most positive reviews?

Continental ProContact TX is said to be the best Jeep Cherokee Tire that is available on Amazon for the most positive reviews. It is professionally recommended for those adventurers who are looking for tires to give them the best efficient performance on every type of road. It gives you a noise-free riding environment and ensures you enjoy a stable and secure ride, no matter how long you travel.

What are the things that you should focus on when selecting the best jeep Cherokee tires?

The most important things that you should focus on when selecting the best Jeep Cherokee tires are size, tread wear information, and the load capacity they have. All three of these things are very important to focus on before finalizing the product. This is because the size will determine how accurate the fitting of the tire is with the jeep. Treadwear explains how long your tire will last and the load capacity tells you how much weight the tire can carry. Knowing all of these three things will give you the best and most efficient product.

How long do jeep Cherokee tires last?

There is no specific age for these Jeep Cherokee tires. Most of the time, it depends on their size and usage. Most Jeep Cherokee tires last between 55000 to 60000 miles. Whereas, there are chances they may last more than 60000 miles if they belong to a more reliable and authentic company.

Final Thoughts (Best Tire For Jeep Cherokee)

No matter which product you select among all 7 mentioned above, you will enjoy the best riding experience and adventure. Moreover, all of these products are selected based on their quality, reviews, features, and advantages they have. Make sure you select the best product while keeping in mind your needs and the product’s specification. If you are in a hurry, I am summarizing three of my favorite and professionally recommended products below. You can select them, without any second thought, if you want to make a quick purchase.

As a reviewer, I suggest you buy:

  • Goodyear Assurance MaxLife, because of its outclass performance and amazing stability, provides wet, dry, and winter road conditions. Moreover, it also comes with a wear gauge to tell you about the treads that are remaining in the tire.
  • Continental ProContact TX 4 is a durable and versatile option that can reliably be used on every type of road surface. It makes almost no noise, giving you a silent and peaceful riding environment.
  • Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady comes with an asymmetrical tread pattern that removes the water from the road surface and gives you the best traction possible, explicitly in cold weather conditions.