7 Best Jeep Fog Lights In 2022 Reviewed

Brighten up your way while riding a jeep with the best Jeep fog lights available on the market. Fog lights not only brighten up your path but also add to the headlights, to make your way more clear and visible. These are specifically useful in environments with low visibility, such as at night, during thunderstorms, or during the rainy season, when there is not enough light. These are the latest inventions and are getting favored daily.

Best Jeep Fog Lights

Since so many companies are making these lights nowadays, you won’t be able to find the best product, without proper research. To avoid that complexity, I am elaborating here the 7 best fog lights selected based on visibility, brightness, construction, installation methods, and above all availability and positive reviews. Let us know what their features are and how they will help you enjoy a long drive, with proper light even at night.

Best Jeep Fog Lights Overview

Best Overall Best Overall Xprite CREE Chip LED Fog Lights
  • Bulb Type : LED
  • Power Range: 60 W
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Premium Pick Premium Pick KC HiLites 152 Apollo Pro Fog Lights
  • Bulb Type : Halogen
  • Power Range: 100 W
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Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice AUTOANDART Fog Lights Lamps
  • Bulb Type : LED
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Budget Friendly Budget Friendly AUTOSAVER88 Fog Lights
  • Bulb Type : Halogen
  • Power Range: 42 W
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Most Durable Most Durable Nilight 15016F-B Led Fog Lights
  • Bulb Type : LED
  • Power Range: 27 W
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JDM ASTAR LED Fog Light Bulbs
  • Bulb Type : LED
  • Power Range: 24 W
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  • Bulb Type : LED
  • Power Range: 30 W
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7 Best Jeep Fog Lights – Aftermarket Options For JK & TJ

These seven products are known for high visibility, superb brightness, and solid construction. You can select any of them and can enjoy brightened paths, to make your riding adventure pleasant, not tiring, and enjoyable.

1. Xprite CREE Chip LED Fog Lights

Best Overall

Xprite CREE Chip



  • CREE LED chips are used in making
  • Requires no additional tool for installation
  • No complications of wirings in connections
  • Adjustable angles

You must be aware of CREE LED chips. These are considered the best-LED chips that are used for the construction of LED lights. Xprite CREE Chip LED Fog Lights are constructed with the use of CREE LED chips that ultimately offers the best quality and efficient performance.

These LED lights are constructed with high-heat silicone covering the glass, securing the glass and ensuring that no moisture can reach it and adversely affect its working. Moreover, adjustability in angles allows you to make adjustments just the way you want. And ensure it throws the brightness directly onto the ground.

Xprite CREE Chip LED Fog Lights

Furthermore, the reason why these Xprite CREE Chip LED Fog Lights are our top most in the list is the ease of installation they offer. They do not require a whole new setup of fixation. Instead, what you need to do is to remove the older lights, set these lights, reconnect the wires and enjoy the new brightness of your jeep. Keep in mind that you do not have to set or reset any extra, additional, wiring to make it work.

What we liked

  • Quick installation
  • Excellent brightness
  • Durable construction
  • CREE LED chips

What we didn’t like

  • Flickering often happens

Xprite CREE Chip LED Fog Lights is our top-class model that is constructed with the use of CREE LED chips. These CREE LED chips are used by the most reliable companies, so we cannot deny the fact of superb quality and outstanding performance of these top best Jeep fog lights. They come with excellent brightness and are highly durable in construction, ensuring you can use them for longer times, even in extreme conditions.

2. KC HiLites 152 Apollo Pro Fog Lights

Premium Pick

KC HiLites 152 Apollo



  • Outstanding brightness and lightning
  • Stylish and attractive outlook
  • Comes with mounting brackets and a relay harness
  • Replaceable bulbs that do not take time to replacement

If you can compromise on your budget and cannot arrange a helper for professional installation of the fog lights, these KC HiLites 152 Apollo Pro Fog Lights are the best model to consider. Since you are looking for the best fog lights, you have to consider the brightness of the lights you are selecting.

Our second best product is the top most renowned product when it comes to brightness and lightening of the fog lights. Although the product is expensive but is overall worth purchasing because of the brightness it offers its users. Moreover, the coolest, stylish look of these KC HiLites comes from the design of the Integrated Stone Guard in Polymax Housing.

Furthermore, the bulb inside these lights are replaceable and are the ones that are known for being easy and effortless to replace. This is because they are of the H3 type that does not ask for much effort in replacement. The reason why this product is more in demand is the presence of mounting brackets and a relay harness in the package.

What we liked

  • Replaceable bulbs
  • Outstanding brightness
  • Cool look

What we didn’t like

  • Takes time to install

KC HiLites 152 Apollo Pro Fog Lights is our second best Jeep fog light that comes with replaceable bulbs. These bulbs are not only replaceable but also very easy to replace because they are of H3 type. Moreover, when you purchase this product, it comes with a relay harness and mounting brackets, making it complete.

3. AUTOANDART Fog Lights Lamps

Editor’s Choice

AUTOANDART Fog Lights Lamps



  • Highly inexpensive
  • Takes only 20 minutes to install
  • Fulfill all the requirements of OEM
  • Spread the light at wide-angle

Are you searching for the best fog lights to give the most original and genuine outlook to your jeep? AUTOANDART Fog Lights Lamps stand in the top position when it comes to the Jeep lights with the most original outlook. You should consider them first if you are searching for such a product.

Furthermore, these third-best fog lights for jeeps are trustworthy and considerable, when it comes to effortless installation. This makes them more recommendable for those who have recently owned the jeeps and are new to fog lights. You just have to spend 20 minutes and your installation is complete.

Moreover, this is the only product on our list that fully meets all the requirements of the OEM, ultimately making the product more reliable to buy. The spreading of light is angled in a way to brighten up the maximum area in front of your jeep. This makes the light ideal for those looking for extra brightness.

What we liked

  • Takes 20 minutes to fix
  • Original outlook
  • Great in brightness

What we didn’t like

  • Leakage

AUTOANDART Fog Lights Lamps are the third-best Jeep lights that take only 20 minutes to install and do not require additional wiring. If you are looking for something to give you the original outlook of your jeep, you can consider these fog lights without any second thought. Moreover, they are angled to give the maximum brightness in front of your vehicle, making them reliable, when it comes to the brightening of the wider area.

4. AUTOSAVER88 Fog Lights

Budget Friendly

AUTOSAVER88 Fog Lights



  • Quick bolt-on installation
  • Simple and attractive design
  • Sleek and slim look
  • Add class to the jeep

AUTOSAVER88 is a highly positively reviewed fog light that is the simplest and the most clear-looking, reliable from a brightness point of view but also trustworthy in its performance. These lights are renowned for adding to the class and style of your jeep, making it look attractive and more appealing.

The sleek and slim design makes this product easy to tackle and effortless to install. Since it is compact you can rely upon and trustworthily deal with this product without any complications of hustle. Moreover, the direct bolt-on installation method makes the installation quick and effortless.

AUTOSAVER88 Fog Lights

Furthermore, this design is very simple yet appealing to most users. Such attractiveness makes the lights more in demand. This makes the light reliable for those looking for simple and attractive construction lights. As those lights will make the overall outlook of your jeep attractive.

What we liked

  • Bolt-on installation method
  • Simple and attractive
  • Quick setup

What we didn’t like

  • No manual

AUTOSAVER88 Fog Lights is our fourth best fog light made explicitly for those looking for the best and the simplest light. These lights are classy yet attractive in construction, ultimately adding to the beauty and class of your jeep.

5. Nilight 15016F-B Led Fog Lights

Most Durable

Nilight 15016F-B



  • Energy efficient
  • Customizable installation
  • Inexpensive
  • Durable and long-lasting

If you want your settings and customization with fog lights and want to install them just the way you want, you have Nilight 15016F-B Led Fog Lights as the best available option. For its installment, what you have to do is to drill a hole and hang it there, just as you want, whenever you want, wherever you want.

Both bolts and mounting brackets are constructed with stainless steel construction, ultimately making them durable and strong enough to withstand the impacts of the surroundings. Moreover, with 27 watts of energy, these 5th best Jeep fog lights are bright enough to lighten up the road you are riding your jeep on.

Furthermore, this Jeep fog light will not complicate you when it comes to wiring and installation. You are not required to have an extra harness. Oh, I forgot to tell you, all of this comes at an affordable price and does not demand lots of money. You can reliably buy this product and can enjoy extra lightning in front of your jeep. Also have a look at the best Halo lights for Jeep Wranglers to customize your jeeps.

What we liked

  • Affordable
  • Consumes 27 Watts of energy
  • Durable construction

What we didn’t like

  • May condense

Nilight 15016F-B Led Fog Lights is amongst the top options when it comes to the search for the best fog light. It is not only affordable but also very energy efficient. This fog light is constructed in a way that makes customization and installment easy and effortless. What you need to do is to drill a hole and hang the light anywhere you want.

6. JDM ASTAR LED Fog Light Bulbs

JDM ASTAR LED Fog Light Bulbs



  • Quick, straightforward, and easy installation
  • Highly positively reviewed
  • Energy efficient
  • Extremely bright light

If you want effortless installation within no time and are looking for the best Jeep fog light with such characteristics, look no further than JDM ASTAR LED Fog Light Bulbs. They make sure you do not have to struggle with unbolting and bolting the wires. These lights not only illuminate the road but also make sure that they are not directly hitting the other driver’s eyes.

Well! This is the only reason that I prefer the most among all the other options. In addition, these LED lights do not ask for lots of time and effort from your side for their usage. This is another reason why most of the users positively review this product. In the presence of working voltage between 12 volts to 24 volts, these LED bulbs ensure 20000 working hours.

This makes it not only affordable and efficient in energy consumption but also efficient in usage. Moreover, with brighter and lighter output, you will enjoy how bright and enlightening your pathway is after the installation of these LED bulbs in your jeep. Keeping all of this in mind, I recommend you to select this product if you want to enjoy light in your roadway, without spending much money.

What we liked

  • Straight forward installation procedure
  • Bright light
  • Energy efficient

What we didn’t like

  • Poor build quality

JDM ASTAR LED Fog Light Bulbs is a trustworthy option when it comes to the search for the best fog lights. It comes with very bright light options, making it reliable specifically for those who travel at night. Moreover, the product comes with a straightforward installation procedure, making it reliable for beginners who are new to the jeeps.

7. BICYACO LED Fog Lights




  • It hardly takes 30 minutes for installation
  • Manufacturers have given attention to the minor details
  • The product comes as two pairs of light
  • Construction quality is unmatchable

BICYACO LED Fog Lights are known for being constructed with top-quality LED chips. Although this product is last in our list of top 7 best Jeep fog lights, still you cannot say that there it lacks in quality or something. The die-cast construction with the use of aluminum metal makes these lights durable and strong enough to withstand severe impacts of the surroundings.

Moreover, there are two pairs of adaptor rings because they come as two pairs of light. This is because one pair is made for steel bumpers and one is for plastic bumpers. These lights are constructed for steel bumpers and are made with the use of steel material. Alternatively, plastic bumpers are made up of plastic.

It will hardly take up to 30 minutes for you to install the product. This makes it easy to install, ultimately making it reliable for those users who do not want to put themselves in the complications and struggle of installation. In addition to all of these, the attention given by the manufacturers to the product’s details makes it more in demand.

What we liked

  • Quick installation
  • Comes in two pairs
  • Durable and strong construction

What we didn’t like

  • Does not contain any instructions

BICYACO LED Fog Lights is our last but still is considered another best fog light that can reliably be used by those who prefer easy installation and quality construction. It comes as two pairs of lights, the one for plastic bumpers and the other for steel bumpers. Moreover, because of being durable in construction, you can reliably use these LED lights for a long time.

Guide To Pick The Best Jeep Fog Lights

Following features if present in your Jeep fog light will make it superb in performance. You will love how your fog light is clearing the path and making long distances visible. Look for these features and select the product that comes with these specifications in it.

Guide To Pick The Best Jeep Fog Lights
Infographic: Guide To Pick The Best Jeep Fog Lights

Construction Material

Selecting the best and strongest construction material, when choosing the best Jeep fog light is an important feature that you just cannot ignore while purchasing and spending money. This is an important feature that cannot be ignored because of course, you have to take your Jeep out in multiple weather conditions and on different road surfaces. And to deal with all of them, you have to make sure that the product you are purchasing is made up of strong construction material that can tolerate all of the extreme environmental conditions, without being adversely affected.

Manufacturing Company

I have always experienced that those fog lights that are constructed by some reliable and renowned company have more efficiency in performance than those that are not. If your budget allows, look for the product that belongs to a reliable manufacturing company, or else select the fog lights from the company that uses the LED chips from CREE® or OSRAM. This is because these are the most reliable materials used for making the best fog lights.


Always consider those fog lights that come with weather-resistant and waterproof construction. This is because most of the time you will take your jeep to rough and tough roads that demand strength from your lights to stay consistent in performance. In order to maintain that, you have to make sure that the product you are purchasing is reliable from a durability point of view and itself is weatherproof. Moreover, it should be waterproof in construction because, in case of rain or water splashes from the ground, the light will not get affected adversely.


Brightness is another important thing to consider when purchasing the best fog lights for jeeps because of course you are purchasing the lights to add to the brightness in your pathway. If the lights you purchase are not providing you with enough brightness they are not worth purchasing. This is the reason why you have to focus on the brightness level of the selected light. Consider the one that when combined with the headlights give you outstanding light for brightening the surface you are driving on.


Whenever I purchase any electrical or technical product, I always look for ease of installation. This is because ease of installation allows me to install the product on my own, instead of taking help from a professional person. Keeping this in mind, I will prefer you to select the one that comes with effortless installation or a quick installation method. This will make the product easier and more convenient for you to deal with while installing. Make sure to look for easy installation and quick installation procedures when selecting the best fog light to make your purchase worth it.


What Is An Important Thing To Look For When Purchasing The Best Jeep Lights?

You have to focus mainly on construction material, quality, brightness, and company to which your selected light belongs to. Similarly, look for the durability and visibility that your selected light is offering. Moreover, select the product that comes with easy installation. In this way, you do not have to suffer from the complication of installing the lights.

What Is The Best Available Jeep Fog Light Nowadays?

Xprite CREE Chip LED Fog Lights is the top-quality fog light that is made with the use of CREE LED chips renowned for being superb in performance and qualitative in construction. These lights are adjustable in angles and are constructed in a durable manner making sure you can use them in adverse lighting conditions, without any effects on their functioning.

Final Thoughts On Best Fog Lights For Jeep

Although fog lights for jeeps are a new invention but are getting more popular day by day. You cannot ignore the importance of light when driving in conditions where everything is dark around. You need to make sure that you have enough light to brighten up your roadway, in order to enjoy a safer and secure ride.

For this, I have come up with the 7 best products that are mentioned above with all of their advantages, disadvantages, and features they have. Make sure you read each and everything carefully with full attention. I personally will recommend you to look for a product that belongs to some reliable company, is constructed with strong construction material, and gives you enough brightness to spread light, wherever you go.

As a reviewer, I will recommend you to select:

  • Xprite CREE Chip LED Fog Lights because it is durable and constructed with the use of CREE LED chips, ensuring durability, quality, and efficiency in construction and functioning.
  • AUTOANDART Fog Lights Lamps are known for easy installation and wide spreading of the brightness. They have durable construction, making them sturdy enough to tolerate environmental situations.
  • KC HiLites 152 Apollo Pro Fog Lights come with replaceable bulbs that are effortless to replace. This package comes with a relay harness and mounting bracket, making this product complete.