6 Best Jeep Mud Tires 2022 Reviews

If you are planning to go for some serious off-roading, it is crucial to equip your Jeep with the best jeep mud tires. The mud-terrain tires offer the best off-road traction possible, particularly in mud and snow. These tires incorporate the aggressive tread patterns and the toughest tread compounds making them powerful enough to rock through the mud and other challenging off-road conditions.

Best Jeep Mud Tires

The market is flooded with all-terrain and mud-terrain off-roading tires, making it hard to figure out the best option. We have reviewed the six best options to help you choose the best mud jeep tires that are perfectly in line with your needs and budget.

Best Jeep Mud Terrain Tires Comparison Table

Best Overall Best Overall BFGoodrich Mud Terrain T/A KM3 Radial Tire
  • Load Capacity : 1557 lbs.
  • Rim Size: 14 inch
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Premium Pick Premium Pick Goodyear Wrangler MT/R Radial Tire
  • Load Capacity : 3417 lbs.
  • Rim Size: 16 inch
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Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice Kumho Road Venture AT51 All-Terrain Tire
  • Load Capacity : 3750 lbs.
  • Rim Size: 16 inch
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Budget Friendly Budget Friendly Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire
  • Load Capacity : 2205 lbs.
  • Rim Size: 16 inch
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Top Pick Top Pick Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire
  • Load Capacity : 3307 lbs.
  • Rim Size: 17 inch
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Most Durable Most Durable Nitto 205-780 Trail Grappler M/T
  • Load Capacity : 4080 lbs.
  • Rim Size: 18 inch
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6 Best Jeep Mud Tires Reviews

1. BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3

Best Overall

BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain



  • Section Width: 10-inches
  • Rim Size: 14-inches
  • Speed Rating: Q
  • Treadwear Warranty: 40-50k miles

BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain tires are made to deliver the best performance in the mud and gravel. These are among the most reliable and rugged jeep tires in this category giving you an untroubled experience on all terrains. What makes these tires perfect for challenging off-road rides is their Terrain Attack tread design.

It features the largest-in-class tread blocks offering unbeatable grip on all terrain types. With this aggressive tread pattern, the tires power through rocks, loose soil, mud, and gravel like a pro. The off-road traction is impressive making them perfect for all-season challenging jeep adventures.

In addition to grip and traction, BFGoodrich tires promise speed and stability. The tires boast the Krawl-Tek UTV-special tread compound. This Krawl-Tek Tread compound is known for its application in the racing tires and therefore you can expect excellent speed on all road types.

In addition to off-roading, these tires are pretty smooth and stable on the road making them perfect for everyday use. Since the tires feature an aggressive tread pattern, they are pretty noisy, especially on the highways. The tires are built to last and the manufacturer is confident enough to place a 6-year limited warranty on their product. Also, check out the best tires for jeep wrangler.

What we liked

  • Unbeatable off-road traction
  • Aggressive tread pattern
  • Unrivaled performance in mud

What we didn’t like

  • Noisy on highways

BFGoodrich MK3 mud-terrain tires are the perfect option for serious off-roaders. The tires are powerful enough to rock through the gravel, mud, loose soil, and rocks giving you an untroubled experience on all terrain types.

2. Goodyear Jeep Wrangler Mud Tire MT/R Radial

Premium Pick

Goodyear Wrangler



  • Section Width: 10.4-inches
  • Rim Size: 16-inches
  • Speed Rating: Q
  • Treadwear Warranty: 60-95k miles

Goodyear Wrangler Mud Terrain tires are known as the off-roading beast and offer smooth performance in almost all terrains. These tires are designed with the needs of serious off-road conditions in mind and deliver the best whatever the terrain you encounter. What sets them apart from other mud jeep tires is the advanced Mud-flow geometry it features.

The tires feature a specialized tread pattern that improves the traction, promotes self-cleaning, and gives you an unattached grip on the rocks, sand, ruts, and mud.  These are Goodyear’s first off-road tires that incorporate the Kevlar. The Kevlar sidewall reinforcement takes its puncture resistance to a new level.

It also gives it an enhanced cut giving you unmatched toughness and durability for long-term performance. In addition to rocking off-road performance, the Kevlar helps you get the stability back on the smooth roads and highways. Additionally, it has a hardworking wraparound tread that offers better traction and handling in the mud and loose soil.

The tires have unbelievable stopping power in the mud and gravel. It is an M+S rated tire that ensures good wet handling in snow conditions. The tires are quiet and smooth, but since the tread blocks are oversized, they pick up the small stones, and you need to clean them after regular intervals. Also, the tires are slightly more expensive than the other options in the class.

What we liked

  • Reinforced sidewall
  • Impressive puncture resistance
  • Perfect grip and traction in mud
  • Incredible stopping power

What we didn’t like

  • Picks up small stones
  • Slightly expensive

Goodyear Wrangler M/T tires are designed for the jeep drivers who take off-road traction seriously. These tires with Kevlar and an aggressive tread pattern offer unbelievable toughness and traction when they conquer the mud or discover the tough trails.

3. Kumho Road Venture AT51 All-Terrain Tire

Editor’s Choice

Kumho Road Venture AT51



  • Section Width: 11.22-inches
  • Rim Size: 16-inches
  • Speed Rating: R
  • Treadwear Warranty: 60k miles

Kumho Road Venture tires have made their way to the list of best jeep mud tires for their class-leading performance in the light mud and snow. These tires are designed as an affordable and dependable all-terrain solution, but surprisingly they offer an impressive experience in the mud and gravel.

The tires incorporate a symmetric tread design with variable-pitch treads for maximum grip and traction. With the deep tread pattern combined with the angled chaffer, these tires offer incredible stability and stopping power in the most taxing conditions. With angled chaffer, the tires get multiple gripping edges taking its terrain hold to the next level.

In addition to solid grip and traction, these tires boast high speed and stability. Stability is something that is badly loved by off-roaders. The tires are highly responsive and you get maximum stability even at the highest speed. Another great news is that tires are exceptionally quiet and smooth on the highways.

Kumho Road Venture AT51 All-Terrain Tire

The tires come with 60,000 miles treadwear warranty which is very impressive considering the budget price. Moreover, these affordable tires are made for all-terrain needs and support light to medium duty off-roading. The winter handling is good but you can’t accept reliable performance in very tough conditions.

What we liked

  • Affordable and dependable
  • Impressive tread life warranty
  • High-speed stability
  • Quiet and smooth

What we didn’t like

  • Not for serious off-roading

Kumho Road Venture AT51 is an excellent option for on-budget people. These tires offer decent traction and stopping power in mud and light snow. With 60,000 miles treadwear warranty, these are the best jeep mud tires you can buy today.

4. Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire

Budget Friendly

Mastercraft Courser MXT



  • Section Width: 12.4-inches
  • Rim Size: 16-inches
  • Speed Rating: Q
  • Treadwear Warranty: 50-80k miles

Mastercraft Courser extreme mud-terrain tires are designed for both on and off-road applications. These tires are intended to be used in the toughest and most demanding off-road conditions. For enhanced off-road traction and responsiveness the tires get the optimized void to rubber ratio. The contact area of tires has been specifically engineered to make the tire highly responsive. It improves the overall traction in challenging off-road conditions.

The improved sidewall design is another solid addition to this structure. With a deep side wall design, you get shoulder scallops and traction edges that offer minimum abrasion and impressive puncture resistance. This off-road-inspired design helps it stand among the best jeep mud tires.

The aggressive tread pattern improves the terrain grip and offers class-leading wet handling. Even in the worst slushy and muddy conditions, you get maximum control and stability. The symmetric tread pattern helps you make your way through the toughest conditions. What we found a bit annoying is that it lacks a self-cleaning feature.

It easily picks up the small stones and rocks and you need to clean it regularly for an untroubled experience. A limited tread-life warranty is available for these tires and you will get a wide range of sizes in this series. Mastercraft MXT tires are expensive but with premium-grade construction and best-in-class off-roading abilities, their price tag is well justified.

What we liked

  • Optimized void-to-rubber ratio
  • Improved sidewall design
  • Aggressive tread pattern

What we didn’t like

  • Lacks self-cleaning feature

Mastercraft Courser MXT is the best mud-terrain tires for jeep wranglers you can buy today. These tires combine the sturdiest construction and a well-engineered off-roading-inspired design giving you a flawless experience in snow and mud.

5. Milestar Patagonia M/T Mud-Terrain Radial Tire

Top Pick

Milestar Patagonia



  • Section Width: 11.22-inches
  • Rim Size: 17-inches
  • Speed Rating: Q
  • Treadwear Warranty: 40k miles

Milestar Patagonia tires have been engineered with a high void tread design making them perfect for serious off-roading. These tires are new to the market but you can’t get your eyes off from their combative and aggressive off-road design. With a high void tread design, the tires have got aggressive biting edges.

The aggressive biting edges make them ultra-smooth on uneven roads and promote self-cleaning giving you an unstoppable exercise in slushy and muddy conditions. Additionally, these tires feature 3-ply reinforced sidewall construction for impressive puncture resistance and improved grip on the rocks. Also, it improves the impact performance and enhances the abrasion resistance for long-term performance.

Unlike other aggressive off-road tires, Milestar Patagonia tires are equipped with stone ejectors. It eliminates the need for frequent clean-ups giving you trouble-free off-roading adventures. Traction, stability, and wet handling are other features making them the best mudding tires for jeeps.

With complex spinning patterns and enhanced biting edges, these tires promise decent grip and traction in the snow and mud. Unlike their all-terrain counterparts, these tires promise advanced control and stopping power in the most demanding conditions. The treadwear warranty of these tires is only 40k miles, which is somewhat limited considering the price.

What we liked

  • 3-ply reinforced sidewall
  • Improved biting edges
  • Stone ejectors

What we didn’t like

  • Limited treadwear warranty

Milestar Patagonia radial tires with high void tread design and complex spinning sequence are pretty good mud tires for the jeep. These tires provide solid traction off the road and a smooth and noise-free experience on smooth highways.

6. Nitto 205-780 Trail Grappler M/T

Most Durable

Nitto 205-780



  • Section Width: 11.6-inches
  • Rim Size: 18-inches
  • Speed Rating: Q
  • Treadwear Warranty: 40-50k miles

Nitto Trail Grappler off-roading tires combine the off-road traction and on-road comfort making with the best jeep mud tires. These tires are crafted to provide a quiet experience on the streets and highways while you can expect solid traction and grip off the road. The tires are equipped with an all-season terrain tire compound for improved traction and wet handling. Also, the aggressive tread pattern in a well-sequenced configuration offers extra cushioning and support in snow and mud.

Nitto Trail Grappler tires use a full-depth air inlet and smudge section. The tread blocks are wide but offer a well-balanced ratio for gaps. It improves the tire’s ability to power through loose sand, stones, and mud. It features a 3-ply sidewall construction with aggressive biting edges for improved performance. A solid sidewall offers decent abrasion resistance and puncture resistance for maximum durability even in the toughest conditions.

Nitto 205-780 Trail Grappler M/T

In addition to solid traction, we loved the noise-free performance of these tires. Engineers at Nitto have used advanced techniques to reduce the noise and these are probably the quietest off-road tires we have ever tried. The only downside of these tires is that they have limited speed. The tires offer limited traction and control at high speeds.

What we liked

  • Affordable price
  • Excellent traction and grip
  • Quiet on highways

What we didn’t like

  • Lack traction at high speeds

Nitto Trail Grappler mud-terrain tires combine an impressive price-performance ratio making them the best jeep mud tires. With a combative off-road-inspired design and rugged construction, you can expect them to perform in snow and the toughest mud conditions.

Buyer’s Guide To Choose The Best Jeep Mud Tires

Mud-terrain tires are made to perform in the toughest off-roading conditions. Since there are various off-roading tires available, it is crucial to understand the features that make the jeep tires perfect for muddy roads. This guide discusses the key features you must consider while buying mud-terrain tires for jeeps.

Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Best Jeep Mud Tires
Infographic: Buyer’s Guide to Choose the Best Jeep Mud Tires

Tread Pattern

The tared pattern is a key feature of any off-roading tires. Unlike all-terrain or all-season tires, mud-terrain tires feature more aggressive tread patterns. Mud tires have giant tread blocks that are sequenced on the tire surface. These angled tread blocks are spaced far apart offering impressive grip and traction on the muddy terrains.

Sidewall Construction

The impact and abrasion resistance of the tire largely depends on the sidewall construction of the tire. A tough sidewall construction reduces the abrasion and offers impressive puncture resistance in tough off-roading conditions. 3-ply sidewall connection is pretty common for off-road mud-terrain tires since it offers a decent resistance to the damage. If you go for a more expensive option you will see tires with premium side wall designs featuring Kevlar. Mud-terrain tires with kevlar promise durability and rugged performance in the most taxing situations.

Sizing And Comparability

Compatibility of the tire with specific off-roading vehicles is crucial for a trouble-free experience. Rim sizes, tire diameter, tire aspect ratio, and section width are important measurements that you must consider while buying new mud tires for your jeeps. If you’re not sure about the size that you need it’s advised to seek professional help to get a perfect size for your jeep.


The voids in the tread pattern are filled with mud, sand, and stone during off-road rides. Advanced tires incorporate stone ejectors and a self-cleaning design to automatically remove the mud and stones from the tire. For serious off-roading adventures, it is advised to look for tires with self-cleaning features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Miles Should Mud Tires Last?

Reliable mud tires typically last for 40k-60k miles. The treadwear life of the mud tires depends upon the conditions in which they are used.

Are Mud Tires Good For Daily Driving?

Mud tires are intended to be used in tough off-road conditions. With aggressive tread patterns and tough side walls, they do not offer a smooth and noise-free experience on smooth roads. Therefore mud tires are usually not preferred for daily driving.

Wrapping Up ( What Are The Best Jeep Tires For Mud)

Here we come to an end of the best jeep mud tires review. We are hopeful that this review and buying guide will enable you to choose the most suitable option for your jeep. Our top three picks from the list are:

Stopping power and traction at higher speed are two other features that you must consider while buying jeep mud tires. Also, for a smooth and uninterrupted experience, it is advised to look for tires featuring stone ejectors and self-cleaning features.