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5 Best Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights

Are you looking for the best LED headlights for jeep wrangler because you want to replace yours? This is not that easy because to pick the best jeep wrangler LED headlights, you need to look for many things. Also, so many LED headlights are available in the market, making this task a bit challenging. 

Best Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights

To make this easy for you, I made a list of the best jeep wrangler LED headlights after testing and experience. Moreover, to ensure that you get one according to your needs, this article has a buying guide that covers everything you need to consider before keeping your hand on any LED headlight. Firstly observe your priorities and needs, then set your budget. 

Next, check the luminous level, production material, running time, brightness, beam pattern, etc. Once you consider everything, this confirms that you have picked the right LED headlight. However, now look at this list and find one that can work best with your jeep wrangler. 

Best Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights Overview

Best Overall Best Overall LX-LIGHT Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights
  • Light Source Type: LED
  • Position: Front
  • Wattage: 60 watts
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Premium Pick Premium Pick SUNPIE 7 inch RGBW Halo LED Headlights
  • Light Source Type: LED
  • Position: Front
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Top Pick Top Pick COWONE 7 Inch Round 5D 2022 Design Headlights
  • Light Source Type: LED
  • Position: Front
  • Wattage: 130 watts
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Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice HOZAN 7inch Hi/Low Beam LED Headlights
  • Light Source Type: LED
  • Position: Front
  • Wattage: 30 watts
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Budget Friendly Budget Friendly TURBO SII 7inch Round Halo LED Headlights
  • Light Source Type: Powerful LED
  • Position: Inner
  • Wattage: 60 watts
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5 Best Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights

1. LX-LIGHT Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights

Best Overall

LX-LIGHT Jeep Wrangler



  • High beam of 4500LM / Low beam of 3200LM
  • Black aluminum casing
  • Included fog lights (1600LM)
  • IP67 waterproof

Do you need the best jeep wrangler headlight in terms of brightness, protection, durability, and advanced features? Then here are LX-LIGHT Jeep Wrangler LED headlights Fog Lights that give you everything you are looking for. Moreover, compared to other LED headlights with all these benefits, these have a pretty good price.

To add convenience, these LED headlights come with fog lights. Also, this feature ensures extra protection with its 1600 Luminus. The headlight produces 4500LM while you get 3200LM from the low beam. Furthermore, this set of LED headlights is easy to install. You can do it by yourself without any assistance. 

If you are still concerned about safety, then you should know that LX-LIGHT Jeep Wrangler LED headlights are DOT compliant, which means they fulfill all safety requirements. Moreover, manufacturers add aluminum covering to protect these headlights that ensure durability and weather protection. This covering also adds to its appearance due to its shiny black look. 

In addition to durability, these headlights are IP67 waterproof, which improves operation and ensures durability. You can simply clean them with water, and the aluminum covering shines like new. You can easily use them for more than 50,000 hours, which is impressive. 

For compatibility, no worries, as LX-LIGHT Jeep Wrangler LED headlights are suitable for all kinds of jeep wranglers with round headlight designs. However, if you own a Jeep Wrangler YJ, this is not for you due to its rectangle headlights. Last but not least, it has a BMC function that reduces light flickering without any additional device.    

What we liked

  • Durable design
  • H4 to H13 adaptors included
  • Aluminum covering
  • Included fog lights (1600LM)
  • DOT compliant

What we didn’t like

  • Fog lights are on a bit cheaper side

No matter which jeep wrangler you own, X-LIGHT Jeep Wrangler LED headlights are the best jeep wrangler replacement headlights for jeep wrangler but with the only limitation, which is the round shape of the headlights. Otherwise, these are perfect in terms of durability, safety, brightness, and protection. If you want these benefits, get them for your jeep wrangler. 

2. SUNPIE 7 inch RGBW Halo LED Headlights

Premium Pick

SUNPIE 7-inch RGBW Halo



  • High beam of 4500LM/ Low beam of 3200LM
  • IP67 waterproof
  • RGB color-changing options
  • Bluetooth compatible

This is a similar headlight set for jeep wranglers like X-LIGHT Jeep Wrangler LED headlights but with some customized features. SUNPIE 7″ RGB Halo LED Headlights give you RGB feature that let you change their color to blue, red, green, and many more. To change the light color, you get a remote that you can easily use. Moreover, in case you lose the remote, you can use your mobile as a remote after connecting with Bluetooth. 

With these amazing features, you get a set of fog lights to ensure safe travel every time. The brightness of these lights is 1600LM which is quite strong. Although these are a bit expensive, their plus points make them worth buying, and they are one of the best jeep wrangler LED headlights. SUNPIE 7″ RGB Halo LED Headlights are waterproof and have aluminum covering for protection as well as for durability. 

These lights are DOT compliant and fulfill all standard safety measures to give you a secure driving experience. You get the required brightness level for road driving with a 4500LM high beam and 3200LM low beam. Furthermore, the plug-in option makes them easy to install and takes only a few minutes. 

In terms of compatibility, these halo headlights can be used for any jeep Wrangler. No matter whether you have Jeep Wrangler JK or jeep wrangler TJ, you can buy this set. However, sometimes, for fog lights, you need an extra mounting bracket, which you can easily buy from SUNPIE.

What we liked

  • Aluminum casing
  • RGB Lights
  • DOT compliant
  • Fog light with 1600LM
  • Bluetooth 
  • waterproof

What we didn’t like

  • The passenger side needs minor modification

The run time of these LED lights is more than 50,000 hours to reduce the chances of replacement. In addition to all these features, this set comes with H4 to H13 adaptors to avoid inconvenience in case of unavailability of adaptors. 

3. COWONE 7 Inch Round 5D 2022 Design Headlights

Top Pick

COWONE 7 Inch Round 5D



  • High beam of 6000LM / Low beam of 4000Lm
  • 5D round + D-shaped projector lens, 
  • IP67 Water-proof and shock-proof 
  • 130W LED Projector Headlight
  • H4 to H13 adaptors included

If you are looking for the brightest LED light for your jeep wrangler, the COWONE 7-inch round 5D 2022 Design is the one that meets your needs. These are the brightest 130W LED projector headlights enclosing 21 LEDs to provide a high beam of 6000LM and a low beam of 4000 LM. These also have a color temperature of 5000k, which offers the best visibility. 

Also, these feature 5D round and D-shaped projector lenses to give a stylish look and provide light of high intensity. These also have daytime running lights and high high-performance Philip LED lamps. Note that DRLs flicker a bit at night, which can be annoying. But you can resolve it quickly by inserting anti-flickers.

If we look for compatibility, you can install COWONE 7-inch round 5D 2022 Design headlights in Jeep Wrangler JK, Jeep Wrangler TJ, Jeep Wrangler LJ, and Jeep Wrangler CJ. These are also compatible with Humber H1 and H2 and any motorcycle with a 7-inch headlight. Moreover, these are easy to install. These come with H4 to H13 adapters to avoid any inconvenience while installing headlights.

Furthermore, these headlights are highly affordable and durable. These are designed as IP67 waterproof and shock-proof, which increases their durability. These also have small ventilation holes at the back that help to keep them cool and enhance their performance. The COWONE 7-inch round 5D 2022 Design headlights have a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. So, these are the best cheap jeep LED headlights.

What we liked

  • More than 50,000 hours of lifespan
  • Brightest LED headlights with
  • A ventilation hole keeps it cool
  • DOT compliant
  • DRL compatible
  • Easy to install

What we didn’t like

  • Do not come with fog lights
  • DRLs flicker a bit at night

No matter how adventurous your ride is, the COWONE 7-inch round 5D 2022 Design headlights are appropriate for your Jeep Wrangler due to their brightest light. Moreover, these come with all required accessories such as H4 to H13 adaptors to make them easy to install.

4. HOZAN 7inch Hi/Low Beam LED Headlights

Editor’s Choice

HOZAN 7inch Hi Low



  • High beam of 4800LM/ Low beam of 2500LM
  • DOT compliant
  • H4 to H13 adaptors included
  • Die-cast aluminum alloy housing

Do you want jeep wrangler headlights that come with all the latest features? Consider HOZAN 7″ day maker projector LED headlights as they have a 6000k natural daylight feature and give enough brightness to ensure a safe road drive. Also, you can use them for any of your jeep wrangler models with round headlights. 

If you are worried about durability, then this product is the best solution to your worries. These headlights have die-cast aluminum alloy covering that is anti-rust metal and retain its shine to keep them like new and increase their durability. Moreover, their anti-dust and waterproof features add more to durability. 

Furthermore, they are DOT compliant, which means they fulfill standard safety measures. Also, having these certifications not only ensures quality but also gives you mental satisfaction. These lights need adopter H4 for installation. In case you don’t have one, this kit comes with H4 to H13 adapters for additional ease. Moreover, HOZAN LED headlights have 2 H4 decoders that ensure an anti-flicking experience during a night drive. 

Besides features, this product has good looks to add value to your jeep wrangler appearance. Also, these headlights let you customize colors like red, green, blue, etc. You can do this with the help of a remote. However, HOZAN LED headlights have a red signature color and that adds so much glam. The high beam has 4800LM, while the low beam has 2500LM and provides the required brightness level.

What we liked

  • Extension wiring included for DRLs
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Multiple color options
  • H4 decoders for anti-flicking 
  • High brightness

What we didn’t like

  • No fog lights

HOZAN 7″ day maker projector LED headlights are an ideal pick due to their quality, aluminum alloy cover, anti-dust, waterproof, color changing features. If you want to boost your jeep wrangler experience and make it look like your dream, then don’t let them go. 

5. TURBO SII 7inch Round Halo LED Headlights

Budget Friendly

TURBO SII 7inch Round Halo



  • High beams of 4800LM/ Low beams of 3200LM
  • DOT compliant
  • Die-cast aluminum casing
  • Built-in fan

TURBOSII 7” headlights are also one of the best jeep wrangler LED headlights because they have everything from quality to good looks. These headlights are worth your money, and you will never regret them after making this purchase. Moreover, with all these fantastic features, you can get them at an affordable price without stepping out of your budget. 

The thing that makes it different from all previous recommendations is their built-in fans which reduce heat after hours of use. Also, it increases the life of headlights, and you can use them for more than 50,000 hours. The rust-proof and waterproof covering protects the lights and adds to their lifespan. 

Furthermore, the DOT approval makes sure that these are entirely road safe. These headlights have the required brightness level; the high beam has 4800LM, and the low beam has 3200LM. Also, this set has 6000k natural daylight color LEDs. The dust-free feature keeps the lights clean and requires low maintenance. 

You can easily install these headlights without doing much. To make things more convenient, you get two H4 to H13 adapters with these headlights. Moreover, sometimes your lights flick, which can be dangerous while driving. Therefore, you get H4 decoders to avoid flickering. To ensure a safe road drive, try these headlights. 

What we liked

  • H4 to H13 adaptors included
  • H4 decoders included
  • IP67 waterproof
  • Amber turn signals

What we didn’t like

  • Comes with a bit unclear directions

TURBOSII 7” round black LED headlights are simple yet highly advanced features. The built-in fan keeps running for a long time without getting heated, and the aluminum cover gives a rust-free, durable experience. 

Buying Guide: Things You Need to Consider

I have reviewed the 5 best LED headlights for Jeep Wranglers. Jeep Wranglers are highly customizable vehicles; these reviews will surely help you choose suitable LED headlights for your Jeep Wranglers. While buying LED headlights for Jeep Wranglers, you must consider the following features. 

Best Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights
Infographic: Best Jeep Wrangler LED Headlights

1. Brightness

Generally, LED headlights are brighter than halogen headlights. However, different LED headlights provide a different intensity of light. So, some LED headlights for Jeep Wranglers are brighter than others. Some people prefer to get the most brilliant LED headlights. I recommend you to go through various headlights and compare the number of lumens to know the brightness these can provide. This will allow you to pick the most appropriate LED headlights according to your need.

2. Fog Lights

Fog lights are essential components that aid you in deciding on LED headlights for your Jeep Wranglers. Some people prefer LED headlights, which include fog lights, while others don’t care about it. They just want to replace headlights. If you live in an area where you have to face fog while traveling, then your final choice should be a set of LED headlights that have fog lights for your Jeep Wrangler.

3. Extras

While selecting LED headlights for Jeep Wranglers, some people look for extra features such as ventilation holes, built-in-fans, adaptors, decoders, DRLs, and multiple color options. Different LED headlight sets come with different additional features. These are not necessary features but either make installation easier or increase the lifespan of LED headlights. Some extra features help to make your Jeep Wrangler look more stylish. 

4. Color Temperature

Generally, LED headlights have a range of color temperatures from 5000k to 6000k, which is considered the best temperature for visibility. But in some LED headlights, it can go as high as 12000k or as low as 3000k, which can affect visibility. So, you must consider this key feature while deciding on a set of best LED headlights for the Jeep Wrangler, as visibility depends on it.

5. Beam Pattern 

The beam pattern decides the functionality of LED headlights. If the beam pattern of your headlights is uneven, spotty, or overly concentrated at a central spot, then it can affect visibility. With such headlights, you would not be able to see far on the road. It can also affect the visibility of other drivers. So, you need to check the headlight you are going to buy and project the pattern of the beam.

6. Warranty

A trust-worthy warranty plan is always best to protect you against malfunctions of the LED headlights of your Jeep wranglers. It is complementary to maintaining the performance of your Jeep Wrangler. While picking a set of headlights, you need to check the response rate of the business support department, whether it is quick or slow. You can check it by going through reviews of actual customers.

7. IP Rating 

The IP rating is not a highly important factor to consider while selecting a headlight set. But if you go for headlights with a high IP rating, it would help to face harsh weather without damage to the headlights of your Jeep Wrangler. IP code actually tells you about the level of protection your headlights offer. It consists of two numbers; the first number shows protection against solid objects while the second number shows protection against liquid objects.

8. Price

You have to set your budget before looking for the LED headlights for your Jeep Wrangler. LED headlights have a wide range when it comes to price. You just have to give some extra time and effort to find a reliable and well-built set of LED headlights at affordable prices. But if you want some additional features, get ready to spend some extra money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Is Brighter, 6000k Or 8000k?

The 6000k headlights are brighter than 8000k. However, it sounds weird how this is even possible. It happens because of the measuring unit, which is kelvin, and its effects. The lower the kelvin number, the less yellow it gets. White light is brighter than the yellow one, so the lower the kelvin gets, the brighter it becomes. 

Are LED Lights Worth It Jeep Wrangler?

Yes, it is worth getting an LED headlight for your jeep wrangler. With an LED light, you get extra hours, almost double that of a regular halogen bulb. Moreover, due to the long running time, it saves you a lot of money. Instead of all these features, the LED headlights are brighter and ensure a safer driving experience. 

Which Is Brighter, LED or HID?

Although both are bright and provide a good driving experience but vary on the luminous level, LEDs have a limit to 10,000LM, while HID can go to 8000LM. However, if we compare them with traditional halogen bulbs, both are better and more bright. 

How Can I make My Headlights Super Brighter?

You can improve the brightness of your jeep wrangler headlights by following different tips. Firstly, pick an LED headlight and then keep it clean on a regular basis to maintain the brightness. Moreover, the addition of a fog light takes brightness to the next level.

Can You Change The Jeep Headlights To LED?

Yes, you can replace your jeep headlights with LEDs. However, there are two options for LED headlights: standard headlights and switchback LED. It is on you to choose the one that suits your needs. 

The Bottom Line

Owning the best LED headlights increases the grace of your Jeep Wrangler. However, it can be challenging for you to choose the best one for you. Here, I tried to make it uncomplicated for you. So, I have reviewed the five best-LED headlights that will be perfect for your Jeep Wranglers. Let me narrow down the recommendation to the two most suitable LED headlights:

  • SUNPIE 7 Inch RGBW Halo LED Headlights – provide you customized features like the RGB feature that allows you to change the colors of your LED headlights. Moreover, these come with fog lights, aluminum casing, and adaptors. With this set of LED headlights, you can give a stylish look to your Jeep Wrangler.
  • COWONE 7 Inch Round 5D 2022 Design Headlights – stand as the most affordable yet brightest LED headlights. Despite the low price, these come with extra features such as ventilation holes, adaptors, and DRLs. As a result, these are durable with a life span of more than 50,000 hours. 
  • TURBO SII 7inch Round Halo LED Headlights – have both look and quality. These are rust-proof and water-proof due to their aluminum casing. These also have dust-proof features that lessen the need for maintenance. Moreover, these LED headlights have built-in fans to control the temperature.

To pick the most suitable set of LED headlights, you need to know your needs first, then you will be able to choose the right LED headlights for your Jeep Wrangler. I hope these recommendations help you to buy the best set of LED headlights that fulfill your requirements.