7 Best Snow Chains For Jeep Wrangler Reviewed 2023

If you drive in an extreme winter, you may face situations where even the best winter tires fail to perform. In treacherous cold weather, it becomes hard to drive on slippery snow and icy surfaces due to the limited friction coefficient between the tire and the terrain. Snow chains, also known as tire chains, are installed around the tires for improved grip and traction on slippery surfaces like snow, ice, or slush.

Best Snow Chains For Jeep Wrangler

These chains also enhance the stopping power of the jeep for a safe and secure experience in challenging conditions. Snow chains are divided into multiple types depending on the mounting mechanism, shape, configuration, and construction. Knowing what makes the snow chain perfect for your jeep is crucial. To help you choose the best snow chains for the jeep wrangler, we have reviewed the seven best options you can buy in 2023.

Which Snow Chains Are Best?

Materials, link patterns, weight, style, and budget all play a role in determining the best snow chains for you. By comparing these factors, you will be able to make the right decision.

Snow chains come in a variety of styles and have a variety of benefits and disadvantages. It is important to consider how often you plan on using your chains and in what conditions before making a purchase. An expensive, more heavy-duty model would be worth investing in if you frequently use them or work in difficult conditions. However, a more budget-friendly option may be sufficient if you only need them for emergencies.

Is It Better To Wear Snow Socks Or Snow Chains?

Snow socks are a good alternative to traditional snow chains in some situations. Although they do not always provide as much traction as chains, they are more durable than other fabrics. Snow socks are a great choice for people who plan on driving in challenging winter conditions infrequently.

In certain models of vehicles, snow chains can interfere with tire clearance, which is why some manufacturers recommend against using them. In these cases, it’s better to use snow socks. However, they still provide some traction compared to metal chains.

Best Tire Chains For Jeep Wrangler In Snow Overview

Best Overall Best Overall Peerless 0232605 Auto-Trac Light Truck/SUV Tire Traction Chain
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs.
Check Price
Top Pick Top Pick Security Chain Company SZ143 Z6 Cable Tire Chain
  • Material: Steel, Rubber
  • Weight: 1 lbs.
Check Price
Premium Pick Premium Pick Security Chain Company QG2228CAM Tire Traction Chain
  • Material: Steel
  • Weight: 6.5 lbs.
Check Price
Editor’s Choice Editor’s Choice KÖNIG CB-12 104 Snow Chains
  • Material: Manganese Nickel Alloy
  • Weight: 10.08 lb.
Check Price
Heavy Duty Heavy Duty KÖNIG XG-12 PRO 255 Snow Chains
  • Material: Steel Alloy
  • Weight: 15.4 lb
Check Price
Most Popular Most Popular ISSE Textile Snow Chains
  • Material: Polyester
  • Weight: 3.39 lbs.
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Highly Recommended Highly Recommended FIERYA 8 Pack Snow Chains for Car SUV
  • Material: Manganese Alloy Steel
  • Weight: 12.01 lbs.
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7 Best Tire Chains For Jeep Wrangler In Snow

1. Peerless 0232605 Auto-Trac Light Truck/SUV Tire Traction Chain

Best Overall

Peerless 0232605 Auto-Trac



  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Dimensions:‎12 x 11.7 x 3.6 inches
  • Weight: 4.4 lbs
  • Self-Tensioning: Yes

Peerless Auto-Trac tire traction chains are crafted to fit Light trucks and SUVs. For many good reasons, these chains stand among the best snow chains for jeep wranglers. A patent-pending tensioning system is featured on these snow chains. This advanced technology allows you to tighten the chains with minimum effort.

Your vehicle does not need to be jack-up. Instead, it comes with an automatic ratchets system. All you need to do is connect the internal cables with the external ratchet tightener. The system will do the tightening on its own. The chains feature a Diamond cross-chain pattern that helps you smooth through the powdery snow slush and hard snow. In addition to effortless tightening, these snow chains provide superior traction on snow and mud.

The chains are crafted with manganese alloy steel and offer impressive durability. It can withstand the impact and doesn’t produce clunking road noises. Also, it has a large surface area that further multiplies the grip and enhances stability. Although chains are rugged, the quality of ratchets needs significant improvement. As ratchets wear out, replacement is necessary.

What we liked

  • Self-tightening ratchets
  • Durable build quality
  • Impressive traction and grip on snow

What we didn’t like

  • Poor ratchet construction

Peerless AUTO-TRAC tire chains combine a high-strength construction with class-leading road grip, making them the best for Jeep Wranglers. The chains offer vehicle-specific fitting, and it is advised to read the size guide carefully to avoid after-purchase incompatibility issues.

2. Security Chain Company SZ143 Z6 Cable Tire Chain

Top Pick

Security Chain Company SZ143



  • Material: Steel, Rubber
  • Dimensions:‎ 7 x 4 x 18 in.
  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Self-Tensioning: Yes

The next option on the list is the Z6 cable tire chain by the Security Company. These cable-style chains offer a self-tensioning system making them perfect options for emergencies. With thousands of rave reviews on Amazon and affordable prices, these are among the best snow chains for jeep wranglers.

The lightweight and compact design make them different from regular tire chains. Instead of chain links, these chains use the steel coil wrapped in the cables. The compact profile makes them easy to install but limits their grip. They offer a decent grip but go farther down than the regular snow chains. The chains easily fit with relatively small wheels with short wheel wells.

These chains use six clips and rubber tensioners for a snug and perfect fit on the tire. These clips keep the structure intact and centred even in tough conditions. The rubber tensioners allow you to get the right fit for the tires without moving or jacking up the vehicle. The cables wrap around the tire for improved traction and grip.

Security Chain Company SZ143 Z6 Cable Tire Chain

We loved the stopping power offered by these chains at higher speed levels. Unlike manual tightening snow chains, these chains offer ease of installation. The best part of these cable snow chains is that they work best in mud. The lightweight and smooth structure make them perfect for uneven, muddy terrains. Also, have a look at are jeep wranglers good enough in snow.

What we liked

  • Ease of installation
  • Competitively priced
  • Work on various terrains types

What we didn’t like

  • Less grip than traditional chains

Security Company Z6 cable chains combine the ease of installation with a lightweight structure, making them the best Jeep tire chains. With self-tensioning technology and a lightweight structure, they are easy to handle in harsh weather conditions.

3. Security Chain Company QG2228CAM Tire Traction Chain

Premium Pick

Security Chain Company QG2228CAM



  • Material: Steel
  • Dimensions:‎ 12.5 x 9.4 x 6.5 in.
  • Weight: 6.5 lb
  • Self-Tensioning: No

Security Chains Company tire traction chains are made in a wide range of sizes and fit trucks, SUVs, jeeps, and passenger cars. These chains are available in both cam and non-cam mounting options. Non-cam configuration is reliable, but we recommend you go for cam chains. It eliminates the need for additional tighteners and helps get an effortless fit for multiple tire sizes.

The chains are designed for front and rear jeep tires and offer unmatched traction and grip in the most demanding snow conditions. The most crucial part of any snow chain is its durability. Thankfully, these chains are built with tough alloy steel. The chains are powerful enough to bear the weight of heavy-duty trucks and stand for class-leading impact resistance.

These security chains are available in various grip options for different applications, and Quick-Grip is the best for snow and mud. The chain features a rugged Quick-Grip pattern for maximum grip and traction in the snow. These snow chains come with Cam Tightening equipment, and an installation guide is also included in the package.

With it, you can get Jeep tires that are the perfect fit with minimum effort. The size guide is available, but many users reported that the information provided in the guide needed to be corrected and was misleading. Another downside of these tire chains is that they do not meet SEA Class “S” clearance requirements.

What we liked

  • Cam tightening mechanism
  • Descent grip and traction
  • High strength construction
  • Perfect for heavy-duty application

What we didn’t like

  • Lack SEA class “S” requirements
  • Size and fitment issues

Security chain company tires traction chains are available in a wide range of sizes, configurations, and tightening options, making it easier to find your perfect match. These tire chains with “Quick-Grip” are among the best snow chains for jeep wranglers you can buy in 2023.

4. KÖNIG CB-12 104 Snow Chains

Editor’s Choice

KÖNIG CB-12 104 Snow Chains



  • Material: Manganese Nickel Alloy
  • Dimensions:‎ ‎12.99 x 12.99 x 2.68 inches
  • Weight: 10.08 lb
  • Self-Tensioning: No

KÖNIG CB-12 chains with a wide compatibility band are designed to fit 15-19 inches tire sizes and offer excellent ground clearance in tough conditions. These chins are designed for maximum traction and grip on slippery roads and ensure safety and stability in tough situations.

These manual tension snow chains combine an exceptionally rugged build quality with a high grip pattern, making them the best security chains for jeep wranglers. These chains are crafted with manganese nickel alloy for maximum durability and rugged performance in challenging off-roading conditions. This high-strength material is highly resistant to corrosion and promises long-term performance.

Furthermore, the chains are equipped with D-shaped links on both sides for a greater surface area and better traction. Although installation is not as simple as the chains with automatic tensioning units, it isn’t very tough either. This manual tensioning chain includes all the necessary hardware.

KÖNIG CB-12 104 Snow Chains

It comes with all the color-coded attachment points making the installation process simple and easy. The rubber tensioners are also included in the package; we found them easy to handle. An instruction manual is also included, but since it is manual tensioning, it will take a lot of time and effort to learn the process.

What we liked

  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Dual Sided D-shaped links
  • Color-coded installation guide

What we didn’t like

  • Needs manual tensioning

KÖNIG CB-12 Snow Chains are a simple yet solid option for Jeep Wrangler tires in the snow. These chains offer incredible traction and terrain grip on the fresh, powdery snow and ensure stability and non-slip performance in the slush.

5. KÖNIG XG-12 PRO 255 Snow Chains

Heavy Duty

KÖNIG XG-12 PRO 255 Snow Chains



  • Material: Steel Alloy
  • Dimensions:‎ ‎5.91 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches
  • Weight: 15.4 lb
  • Self-Tensioning: No

KÖNIG XG-12 PRO 255 are among the most expensive snow chains you can buy today. These heavy-duty snow chains are designed for SUVs and offer advanced compatibility with the jeep wrangler tires. These chains are crafted with high-strength alloy steel making them exceptionally rugged.

What sets these snow chains apart from their inexpensive counterpart is the superior grip and traction they offer in snow. The chains have double traction plates and incorporate a special pattern design for enhanced grip and traction on slippery surfaces. With class-leading impact and heat resistance, these chains offer durability and reliable performance for many years.

Additionally, these chains come with advanced tensioning and balancing devices. This device offers an effortless tensioning process. Unlike manual tensioners, it makes the process simple, giving you a trouble-free experience in tough off-roading environments.

For advanced compatibility and fitment with a wide range of tire sizes, these chains use the König’s Micro-Adjust system. This system enables you to achieve enhanced stability in the snow and slush. The balancing feature of the device allows you to keep the chains centred and intact and limits the need for manual adjustments.

What we liked

  • Advanced tensioning and balancing system
  • Superior traction and grip
  • Effortless mounting and installation

What we didn’t like

  • Expensive

KÖNIG XG-12 PRO 255 Snow Chains with micro-adjustment technology and an advanced tensioning mechanism are undoubtedly the best chains for the Jeep Wrangler. If you do regular off-roading in the winter season, these security tire chains are the best option in 2023.

 6. ISSE Textile Snow Chains

ISSE Textile Snow Chains



  • Material: Polyester
  • Dimensions:‎ ‎14.75 x 8.5 x 3 inches
  • Weight: 3.39 lbs
  • Self-Tensioning: Yes

A variety of tire sizes can be fitted with ISSE Textile snow chains at competitive prices. These textile snow chains, also known as snow socks, are designed to be used in tough snow conditions. Unlike regular snow chains, these chains are easy to use and handle.

These textile chains are lightweight, and you can store them easily in the jeep. However, these chains have a limited application, and you can’t use them in the mud or on paved roads. The chains offer a sock-like fit for the tires and give better-than-expected traction and grip. The stopping distance for these chains is short if you drive at a limited speed.

The maximum speed limit for these textile snow chains is 25 mph which is a decent speed considering the light-duty structure of the chains. Emergencies benefit from its ease of installation. These chains are also reusable and washable multiple times.

The snow chains are constructed with highly resistant polyester material. The material is a good option for winter driving as it withstands impact energy and offers long-term performance. These textile snow chains are slightly expensive, considering their limited application.

What we liked

  • Ease of use and handling
  • Effortless and quick installation
  • Reusable and washable
  • Perfect for wide tire sizes

What we didn’t like

  • Limited application
  • Slightly expensive

ISSE textile snow chains with effortless installation and a lightweight structure are perfect options for emergency winter driving. Because of this, they provide excellent traction and grip on ice and snow.

7. FIERYA 8 Pack Snow Chains for Car SUV

Highly Recommended

FIERYA 8 Pack Snow Chains



  • Material: Manganese Alloy Steel
  • Dimensions:‎ ‎‎15.88 x 7.64 x 7.41 inches
  • Weight: 12.01 lbs
  • Self-Tensioning: No

FIERYA 8 packs snow chains are the best winter travelling partner for on-budget enthusiasts. These snow chains are made for infrequent use in snow and deliver decent traction and grip on slippery surfaces. The snow chains are inexpensive but don’t compromise the quality. Manganese alloy steel is used in the construction of the chains.

The metallic part of the chains is rugged enough to withstand the impact energy of heavy-duty trucks and SUVs.

These chains feature the “XO” pattern for maximum traction and grip. This high grip pattern ensured solid traction and improved stopping power on slippery icy roads. Additionally, it comes with rugged rubber tensioners that outlast the lifespan of other components of the chains. Snow chains are limited to a maximum speed of 30 mph. The stopping distance is short, but only when you do not exceed the speed limit.

The chains feature a manual tensioning system but are easy to install. You will get a buckle-tightening system for quick and effortless tension and adjustment. The buckles allow you to mount the chains on tires without moving or jacking up the vehicles. What limits it in the snow is its configuration. Unlike regular snow chains, it is directly attached to the tire rims instead of encircling the whole structure.

What we liked

  • Buckle tightening system
  • Impressive stopping power in snow
  • XO pattern for improved grip
  • Solid construction

What we didn’t like

  • Suitable for occasional use

FIERYA 8-pack snow chains feature a highly functional and dependable design, making them perfect for tough winter drives. The chains are easy to install, and the buckle-tightening system allows you to get a snug fit with maximum ease and comfort.

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose Snow Chains

There are a few key factors to consider when choosing the best snow chains for your needs. Choosing the right style is important, with so many different options available. Considering road conditions, vehicle type, and chain material will help you make the best decision and stay safe on icy roads.


Self-tensioning chains are a great option for many modern, higher-end chains. Built-in ratchets assist in adjusting the chain as the wheels rotate and the vehicle moves. This can simplify the installation process. When deciding between manual and self-tensioning chains, consider each option’s pros and cons in relation to your vehicle and situation.

Automatic Release

An automatic release function on your premium tire chains can be beneficial if you frequently drive in areas with heavy snowfall or large mountain passes. This function allows easy removal of the chains when no longer needed, without stopping and dismounting the tires.


The right size is critical for the chain to fit properly and function as designed. Your tire size can be found on the sidewall of the tire. The tire dimensions should be printed there, including the width of the tire, the sidewall height, and the diameter.


Tire traction chains are an important part of winter driving safety. Technology has evolved to provide consumers with a variety of options. Newer innovations have been introduced to the market alongside some classic materials. High-end metal chains are usually made with steel alloys containing manganese, titanium, and nickel. A truck or SUV, which are heavy-duty vehicles, requires chains that are extremely durable. Chains used in mid-range and economy classes are usually made of steel that has been hardened.


Your vehicle’s tire chains should be chosen based on a few factors. It is generally believed that lighter chains provide better fuel efficiency and better traction than heavier chains. When shopping for tire chains, remember these factors.

A Guide To Installing Snow Chains

As far as installing snow chains is concerned, practice makes perfect. Every brand and style of chain is installed slightly differently, so it’s important to follow the specific instructions that come with your set. In general, though, there is a method that all drivers should follow.

Installation 101

There’s no need to be nervous about installing snow chains–with a little practice; anyone can do it! If you choose a brand and style of chain, make sure to follow its specific instructions.

Front-wheel-drive vehicles should have snow chains on their front tires, and rear tires should have snow chains on their rear tires. In most cases, chains should be installed on the front tires of all-wheel or 4WD vehicles, but check the owner’s manual beforehand.

Attach the chains to your tires after unpacking the chains. Ensure the connection points are secure before moving on to the next tire. As you drive forward, the chains can now be placed on both tires. The chains should be tensioned by hand if they are not self-tensioning.

As you begin your drive, hearing and feeling a slight rumble from the chains is normal. Occasionally, the wheel well may be knocked by the chains if you hear loud noises or feel physical jolts. The chain should be readjusted as soon as possible.


Do Jeeps Need Snow Chains?

Jeep needs snow chains in tough winter driving conditions to improve tire grip on slippery surfaces. However, the snow chains limit the speed of the jeep.

Can You Put Chains On Rubicon?

You cannot put the chains on the Rubicon model, as it uses 17-inch tires. When you put chains on big tires, it results in clearance issues.

Do I Need 2 Or 4 Chains?

It is advised to use four tire chains in the snow. With four chains, you can grip slippery surfaces the best you can. Also, it results in a well-balanced driving experience and helps you drive at a decent speed in the snow.

Can I Put Chains On My Jeep Wrangler?

Yes, you can put chains on the jeep wrangler. Various sizes and mounting mechanisms are available for some chains. It is advised to buy regular snow chains with a self-tightening mechanism for Jeep Wrangler.

Wrapping Up The Snow Tire Chains For Jeep Wrangler

Snow chains or tire chains are crucial for driving in harsh winter conditions. The chains enhance the vehicle’s braking power in the snow and reduce the chances of accidents. Also, you can explore the tough terrain in winter with better traction and control. All the options on our list are tested for their performance in snow, but our top three picks from the list are:

Ease of installation and tensioning are crucial features you must look for while buying snow chains. Chins with self-tensioning features are expensive, but they eliminate the need for energy-taxing manual adjustments, offering a trouble-free experience in tough conditions.