Goodyear Wrangler SR-A Tire Review: Reliable All-Season Performance

For over a century, Goodyear has been synonymous with tire innovation, marking milestones that have shaped the automotive industry. From manufacturing carriage and bicycle tires to introducing groundbreaking technologies like the first racing tire in 1901, Goodyear’s legacy of excellence continues. Their iconic moments include pioneering the first nylon-reinforced tire in the 1940s and crafting the first American-made radial tire in the 1970s. Beyond innovation, the Goodyear Blimp stands as a symbol of omnipresence, offering not just a unique advertising spectacle but also stunning aerial views of events. Whether for everyday vehicles, commercial applications, or racing endeavors, Goodyear’s steadfast commitment to quality and performance positions them as the premier choice in the tire industry.

Goodyear Wrangler SR-A Tire Review: All-Season Excellence:

Tailored for CUVs, SUVs, and light trucks, the Goodyear Wrangler SR-A takes center stage as an all-season tire, ensuring superior traction across diverse road conditions. This tire isn’t merely a companion for dry surfaces; it excels in navigating through challenging terrains, be it icy, snowy, or wet roads. With a 50,000-mile limited tread life warranty for P-metric sizes, the Wrangler SR-A reflects Goodyear’s unwavering dedication to providing longevity and reliability to drivers. In the upcoming sections, we’ll explore the standout features that make the Wrangler SR-A a distinctive choice in the tire market.

Key Features Of Goodyear Wrangler SR-A Tire

255/75R17 113S

  • All-Season Performance: The Goodyear Wrangler SR-A Tire is designed to excel in all seasons, providing reliable traction on dry, icy, snowy, and wet roads.

  • Versatile Application: Tailored for use on CUVs, SUVs, and light trucks, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of vehicles.

  • Limited Tread Life Warranty: P-metric sizes come with a 50,000-mile limited tread life warranty, reflecting Goodyear’s confidence in the durability of their product.

  • Non-Directional Tread Design: The Wrangler SR-A features a non-directional tread pattern, providing versatility in tire rotation and promoting even wear. This design contributes to longer tread life and consistent performance over time.

  • Optimized Tread Compound: The tire is crafted with a specially formulated tread compound that enhances traction on various surfaces. This optimization allows for confident handling and stability, whether you’re cruising on the highway or navigating challenging terrains.

  • Wide Circumferential Grooves: To tackle wet and snowy conditions, the tire incorporates wide circumferential grooves that efficiently channel water away from the tread. This helps in preventing hydroplaning and maintaining contact with the road for improved grip.

  • Variable Pitch Technology: Goodyear has integrated variable pitch technology into the Wrangler SR-A, aiming to reduce road noise and enhance the overall driving experience. This makes for a quieter ride, contributing to passenger comfort during long journeys.

  • Sturdy Construction: The tire is built with a robust construction to withstand the demands of diverse driving conditions. Its durability is evident in its load capacity of 2535 pounds, showcasing its capability to handle the weight of various vehicles.

  • Rim Width Compatibility: With a recommended rim width of 7 inches, the Wrangler SR-A offers flexibility for installation on a range of rims. This compatibility allows for a personalized fit to suit different vehicle specifications.

  • Tread Depth: The 12-32nds tread depth is a notable feature, providing ample rubber for extended mileage and enhanced traction. A deeper tread depth is often associated with better performance in challenging conditions and increased overall tire life.

  • Size and Dimensions: The 255/75R17 sizing, with a tire diameter of 32.1 inches, ensures compatibility with a variety of vehicles, particularly those equipped with 17-inch rims. The overall dimensions of 32.1 x 32.1 x 10.1 inches emphasize the tire’s balanced proportions.

  • S-Speed Rating: The S-speed rating signifies that the tire is designed to perform optimally at speeds up to 112 mph (180 km/h). This rating aligns with the expectations of drivers who prioritize a balance of performance and safety.

Why Choose Goodyear Wrangler SR-A Radial Tire – 255/75R17 113S

The Wrangler SR-A isn’t just a tire; it’s a testament to Goodyear’s commitment to quality, performance, and innovation. Its all-season capabilities make it a reliable companion for drivers facing diverse weather conditions. Whether you’re navigating through rain-soaked roads, tackling snow-covered landscapes, or enjoying a smooth ride on dry highways, the Wrangler SR-A ensures that your vehicle maintains optimal traction and control.

Additionally, the 50,000-mile limited tread life warranty for P-metric sizes is a compelling factor for those seeking a durable and long-lasting tire. This warranty not only speaks to the confidence Goodyear has in the longevity of their product but also provides peace of mind to consumers, knowing that a reputable brand backs their investment.

Top Pick
Goodyear Wrangler SR-A Radial Tire - 255/75R17 113S
9.8/10 Our Score


  • All-season versatility
  • Durable construction
  • Non-directional tread
  • Wide circumferential grooves


  • Limited off-road capability
  • Moderate speed rating
  • Noise level varies

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes The Goodyear Wrangler SR-A Stand Out As An All-Season Tire?

The Wrangler SR-A is known for delivering superior traction across various road conditions, excelling on dry surfaces as well as in challenging environments like icy, snowy, and wet roads.

What Types Of Vehicles Are The Goodyear Wrangler SR-A Tires Designed For?

The Wrangler SR-A is specifically designed for use on CUVs (Crossover Utility Vehicles), SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles), and light trucks.

How Does The Wrangler SR-A Address Concerns Related To Wet And Snowy Road Conditions?

The tire incorporates wide circumferential grooves, efficiently channeling water away from the tread to prevent hydroplaning and maintain optimal grip on wet and snowy surfaces.

Wrapping Up Goodyear Wrangler SR-A Tire Review

In conclusion, the Goodyear Wrangler SR-A stands as a testament to Goodyear’s legacy of tire innovation. Its all-season performance, versatile application, and the assurance of a limited tread life warranty make it a compelling choice for drivers seeking a reliable and durable tire. While specific performance characteristics may vary based on individual driving needs, the Wrangler SR-A remains a strong contender in the market, catering to the demands of CUVs, SUVs, and light trucks. As you consider your tire options, the Best tires for Jeep Wrangler daily driver emerges as a reliable companion for the diverse challenges that the road may present, combining quality, performance, and the assurance of a renowned brand.