Is It Legal To Drive A Jeep Without Doors? A Comprehensive Guide

The exhilaration of driving a jeep on a sweltering summer day with the wind on your face is unparalleled. Opening the windows will, of course, only provide a limited amount of fresh air, and you still won’t benefit from the sun shining overhead. This is why many jeep owners think of removing their vehicle’s doors. This can look wonderful and make you feel more connected to nature when you’re out and about.

Aesthetics is another key factor in why people make this change. Simply said, a jeep without doors can stand out from the crowd. It also makes your 4×4 easier to spot amid the competition. Naturally, this is a very significant alteration that should only be performed by experts. But if you’re thinking about doing it yourself, you should make sure that the change you’re making to your automobile complies with the law.

This will spare you from suffering legal repercussions and require you to quickly undo the changes you made. The removal of jeep doors is discussed in more detail here, along with the possibility of applying the technique to your own car. You must have a valid cause for your desire to remove the doors if you want to customize your structure that way.

Is It Legal To Drive A Jeep Without Doors? Lets Discuss

Is It Legal To Drive A Jeep Without Doors

Mirror Laws

In most states, it is acceptable to drive a Jeep without the doors attached, as long as it complies with regulations that require that vehicles have sufficient rearview mirrors. Some states only demand that automobiles have one mirror. This mirror gives the driver a clear view of the roadway behind them. While some jurisdictions obliquely declare that “two mirrors” are necessary but make no mention of their position.

Moreover, others mandate the use of one rear mirror and one side view mirror. So, you need to discover an alternative method of mounting a side-view mirror to your Jeep in order to adhere to the law and stay safe because the side-view reflectors are mounted to the doors.

States That Allows Driving The Jeep With At Least One Mirror ( With or Without Door)

The following states in the United States have legislation requiring at least one mirror (whether there are doors or not):

  • Alabama
  • Indiana
  • Illinois
  • Oregon
  • New Mexico
  • Texas

States That Allows Driving The Jeep With At Least One Mirror ( With or Without Door)

The following states demand two mirrors:

States That Allows Driving The Jeep With At Least One Mirror
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • New Hampshire
  • Oklahoma
  • Washington
  • States With Unique Laws

The Different States With Distinct Laws

  • Three mirrors are needed in Ohio.
  • A left-side mirror and an internal rearview mirror are mandated in New York, Maryland, Kentucky, and Kansas.
  • Only specific sizes of vehicles are required to have mirrors in Michigan and Nevada.
  • The same number of mirrors that the vehicle was built with is a requirement in Missouri for automobiles built after 1968.

State Where It Is Completely Prohibited To Drive A Jeep Without Doors

Currently, Pennsylvania is the only state that forbids drivers from operating automobiles without attached, functional doors. All jeeps built and registered in Pennsylvania with doors as “original equipment” must be driven with the doors attached and operational.

Half doorways and other door substitutes are acceptable as long as they are comparable to the original doors, nevertheless. If the doors are not fastened and operable, the car may fail certification and the driver may receive a traffic ticket.

Perks Of Driving A Jeep Without Doors

What could possibly motivate you to take the doors off your Jeep? Aesthetics is a key factor in why people make this change. Simply said, a jeep without doors can stand out from the crowd and make your 4×4 easier to spot amid the competition. Another factor is the independence and thrill of driving. When there are no doors, you feel more at one with nature, are more aware of the wind rushing past you, and are more linked to the outside world.

Customization is a third justification. With no doors, a jeep’s inside may be more easily customized, giving you greater freedom to design the vehicle whatever you like. Jeep collectors constantly look for methods to make their automobiles even better. You’ve probably realized by now that eliminating the roofs and doors from jeeps cuts weight, enhances the appearance of your car, and doesn’t necessitate any additional manufacturing (or rather, removal).

Legal Considerations Or Risk Factors for Driving A Jeep Without Doors

Legal Considerations


Though it may seem obvious, you are less protected against accidents if there isn’t an additional layer of strong steel. Removing the doors also eliminates a crucial line of defense because they are the only line of defense between you and the road or the other automobile in a collision. Moreover, by enclosing the jeep, they shield you from anything else that may otherwise enter the room through the doorways and hurt you. This may include wildlife or flying objects.

Harsh Weather

If it rains, sleets, hails, or snow, you won’t get wet because you are protected from the weather by an enclosed vehicle. When the doors are opened, all of the interiors, electronics, and other parts of the automobile are exposed to the weather, including your seats. Because of this, I advise door removal in areas that are typically sunny and dry as well as when you own a shed to park your jeep in case the weather changes.


You won’t enjoy the journey as much if you’re wondering whether driving without a door is acceptable or legal. If you’re unsure, it’s preferable to be careful and keep the doors closed because it isn’t worth the chance of getting stopped by police or having them question you. Or, if you’re feeling particularly daring, you could simply carry the doors in the back of your vehicle.

How To Remove Doors Of Your Jeep?

You may be surprised to learn how simple it is to remove the doors on your jeep. Firstly, bend the wing mirrors to protect them from breaking or being damaged. Afterward, lower the windows so you can easily access both ends of the entrance. Additionally, doing so will prevent you from inadvertently breaking the glass while working.

Take off the black safety rope that you should be able to locate inside the door jamb. Unplug the wiring. If your Wrangler has electric locks and windows, unplug the cable that connects the door’s electrical components to the car. Take care not to damage the enamel with the wrench as you remove all the nuts and screws from the doors.

Be careful not to jam your fingertips in the door hinges as you remove the doors up and away from the vehicle. If necessary, turn off the entrance alarm and light. This entails disconnecting the door jamb fuse, unplugging the battery, and then reconnecting the battery. For information specific to your model, refer to your owner’s handbook.

How To Store Doors Of Your Jeep?

How To Store Doors Of Your Jeep

It’s critical to keep the detached doors safe and appropriately because these components are essential to the body of your vehicle. Keep them in dry storage and wrap them in a tight, protective blanket. They can be placed on the ground or leaned up against a solid wall.

Make sure they are completely wrapped, nestled in, and placed in an area where they won’t be easily knocked over. Even if it’s the easiest and least expensive choice, it’s not the safest. Use a strong wall hinge to mount the doors to the wall. This will take up a large amount of wall space. Jeep door mounting kits are available for purchase, or you can create your own. Buying a Jeep door store bag is one of the most practical solutions. Despite the fact that they might be quite expensive, they are often foldable and take up less room.

How To Install Mirrors On Your Jeep Without Doors?

Make sure your vehicle has at least one side mirror if you plan to ride without doors for your safety. Although it requires some effort to install these mirrors, doing so will ensure that your jeep is safe and compliant with traffic laws. First, fix the six-inch mirror body to the arm with bolts.

This will enable you to move the mirror and ensure that it is securely fastened while you drive over uneven paths. Then, take the top two bolts off from the car’s side. Make sure to remove these before installing your new mirror so that you can see everything around you when you start driving. Insert the brand new nuts into the openings.

Use the new bracket and a flat washer together when doing this. Your mirror won’t stay on for very long if you don’t have these two tools needed to properly fasten the mirror’s bolts. Put the bushings in place, align the holes, put the unit into the frame, and then put a threaded knob in. Then, tighten the knob and place the mirror so you can see it.

Do All Jeeps Have Detachable Doors?

Do All Jeeps Have Detachable Doors

No, not all Jeeps let you take the doors off. Generally speaking, only the Wrangler and Jeep Gladiator’s doors may be removed with ease by the owner. Some versions have detachable doors, but others don’t for a reason. An SUV with detachable doors and glass is the Jeep Wrangler. This makes it simple to remove the doors if you need to, but it also makes it possible to reinstall them if the weather becomes bad.

Another vehicle that may be raced without doors is the Suzuki Jimny. The door panels on this compact SUV are detachable, so you may remove them while driving and breathe in the fresh air.

Then there are those rare occurrences when an accident results in your “regular car” losing a door. If this occurs, you must fasten a mirror to the vehicle to stay out of trouble with the law.

However, I’ve heard reports of people being stopped and threatened with being arrested for not having doors, particularly when the vehicle was not made to function without them. So, despite the fact that you are certainly within your laws, it is not a smart idea to drive without them.


Is it legal to drive your jeep without doors?

The side mirrors may need to be installed again initially, but yes. This might need an aftermarket fix depending on the model of your Jeep. To ensure that you are not receiving the incorrect types of attention, check your local laws.

Are there any jeep models without doors?

The Wrangler and Gladiator are the Jeep models currently available with detachable doors.

Is it safe to drive your jeep without doors?

A Jeep Wrangler community claims that Jeep cars are made to be secure even without doors. To ensure that it is safe and legal to drive, you must still take a few safety measures. Since the side view mirrors are a component of the doors, removing the doors also requires removing the mirrors.

Final Thoughts

Now that you are aware that you may remove your Jeep’s doors and cruise while remaining street legal. But you must have a quick and convenient manner to remove and store your Jeep’s doors during the warm summer days. Moreover, your inquiries ought to have already received an answer if state rules and regulations were the only things you were interested in.

You will succeed if you follow every directive given by each state. Laws are frequently changed, so it would be advisable to inquire with your Jeep manufacturer to see if you need any additional equipment to make your trip worry- and pain-free. So, it’s better to take professional advice and direction from them.

From the standpoint of a car enthusiast, we can all agree that there is an endless benefit to driving without doors. These people will most likely suggest that you do so in order to optimize your road trip. Just remember that, in the end, you are more capable of making this difficult choice. But whatever you choose to do, buckle up, have fun, and remain safe!