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Is The Jeep Compass 4-Wheel Drive?

A Jeep Compass is extremely efficient, so you must know how to use it. The comfort and space it offers are unparalleled by any other vehicle. The best driving experience is guaranteed on and off-road. Is The Jeep Compass 4-Wheel Drive? By reading it, you will be able to understand the concept better and more clearly. 

A Jeep Compass’ default settings indicate that three trim levels come with front-wheel drive. The Compass Trailhawk is the only model with four-wheel drive. Four trim levels are available, including latitude, sports, and limited. All-wheel-drive options have yet to be available for any Jeep Compass model. 

In this article, I will discuss what is 4-wheel drive?, how to turn it on?, and which Jeep Compass models have this feature enabled by default. 

Is The Jeep Compass 4-Wheel Drive?

What Is 4-Wheel Drive?

In the Jeep Compass, power is distributed evenly between all four wheels through its four-wheel drive system. Each wheel applies pressure to the vehicle, making it more stable and reliable. For this reason, the Jeep Compass is considered the best and most highly recommended for rainy weather conditions, particularly if the surface is slippery or wet. 

When riding on wet terrain, applying pressure from all wheels toward the vehicle creates outstanding stability. When riding on slippery or wet surfaces, the other three wheels coordinately provide even more grip if one of the wheels loses traction and control. 

However, it is very simple, even though it looks quite confusing. Additionally, because it is integrated into an electronic locking differential, it prevents slippage. Though the four-wheel drive system engages with the vehicle by itself, you can still engage and lock it manually. 

How Do You Turn On 4 Wheel Drive In A Jeep Compass? 

Although the four-wheel drive usually engages automatically in Jeep Compass vehicles, you can engage it manually by pressing the forward lock/unlock button on the Selec-Terrain Switch. The process is different for every vehicle. As an alternative, other Jeep Compass models have different buttons. For example, some Jeep Compass models have forwarding low buttons used when driving the Jeep Compass on slippery and wet roads. 

Furthermore, if you wish to manually switch the forward wheel drive, make sure your Jeep is in a stationary position while you are driving. Maintaining a neutral transmission position is essential. This will prevent damage to the Jeep’s engine and transmission.

Location Of The Jeep Compass Forward Switch 

In the left hand corner of the steering wheel is a forward switch. Pressing the switch manually engages and disengages the forward-wheel drive. In addition, if you prefer to deliver power to the front wheels, you can press the switch without engaging the wheel in the forward-wheel drive. 

In another case, you may use this button if you already have your Jeep in four-wheel drive and would like to lock it. I will now discuss the major differences between four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive options as we have learned the basics of Jeep Compass 4-wheel drive. 

Difference Between A 4-Wheel Drive And An All-Wheel-Drive Jeep 

Power is distributed to the rear and front wheels of Jeeps with all-wheel drive. This means the vehicle distributes power between the wheels separately when in 4-wheel drive. This increases traction and control on slippery, wet, and inclined surfaces. 

Meanwhile, the 4-wheel drive does not involve all four wheels independently; instead, all four wheels do not transmit power. A dual differential is capable of driving both the front and rear axles. A center differential is also available on some vehicles. To improve traction and control, this center differential provides extra torque. 

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What Is Jeep Selec-Terrain? 

A Jeep with four-wheel drive has the Jeep Selec-Terrain traction and control system. In this way, the Jeep is equipped to cope with all kinds of rough and tough conditions, including off-road, weather conditions, and slippery and wet surfaces. For complex and challenging surface conditions, the Jeep is extremely reliable. 

Also located near the gear stick is the Jeep Selec-Terrain Traction Management System control panel. In addition to the lock and low modes, this Jeep Selec-Terrain features four variable modes, including the Auto mode, the Snow mode, the Sports mode, and the Sand or Mud mode. According to the demands of each mode, the vehicle adjusts itself accordingly. 

The Jeep will, for example, provide better traction while in snow mode if the vehicle is set to that mode. 

As a result, the jeep is set up to minimize sliding and skidding, making it the safest way to drive on snow. Similarly, the jeep’s speed and traction are adjusted when it is set to the sand or mud mode to minimize sticking in these conditions. A further feature of the system is that it automatically detects changes in the surface and sets the mode accordingly. 

Can The Jeep Compass Go Off-Road? 

It is possible to go off-road with them, and they can manage the energy required for traveling on rough surfaces. A four-wheel drive Jeep is equipped with a Selec-Terrain Traction Management System, providing extra traction, grip, control, and maneuverability during all kinds of weather. 

Which Jeep Compass Is 4×4?  

It has a four-wheel drive as a standard or default setup in the Jeep Compass Trailhawk. Considering this model is higher and includes easy exterior features and 4 wheel drive setup, there is a reason for this inbuilt four-wheel drive system. In addition, it has a slightly better quality and a more premium feel than the regular Jeep Compass. 

How Can I Turn On My jeep’s Four-Wheel drive? 

Your Jeep Wrangler must be neutral if it has an automatic transmission. A manual transmission, however, requires you to press the clutch. The lever needs to be shifted now. Set it to 4L. The Jeep’s automatic transmission can now be put into drive, and you can release the clutch for manual action after making all of these settings. 

Final Thoughts

The Jeep Compass is available with 4-wheel drive, which makes it a great choice for drivers who want the added traction and control that comes with this feature. Whether navigating through snow, mud, or rough terrain, the Jeep Compass’s 4-wheel drive system can help you stay in control and get where you need to go safely. So if you’re looking for a capable SUV that can handle various driving conditions, the Jeep Compass with 4-wheel drive is what you need. 

However, this article has explained the 4WD system, how to turn it on, what the Jeep Select-Terrain Traction Management System is, and the main differences between an all-wheel-drive and a 4WD Jeep. You will be able to fully understand Jeep Compass 4-wheel drive after reading this article.