Jeep Tj Frame Repair Kit

You know how important it is to own a Jeep TJ if you own one. Years ago, I bought a TJ 2000 for tough winter rides and off-road adventures. Although it had some minor frame issues, it was awesome. It was, unsurprisingly, the rust around the frame that made it the most frustrating.

Choosing the right jeep Tj frame repair kit was challenging when looking for solutions. Fortunately, I was able to make everything simple. The following guide will help you greatly if you need to replace or repair a Jeep Tj frame. I’ve also included the best repair kit option for 2023, along with the Jeep Tj frame repair guide.

What Is A Jeep Tj Frame Repair Kit

Using Jeep Tj frame repair kits, it is possible to repair the Jeep Tj frame. The Jeep Tj frame repair kits are available in a wide range. A particular Jeep Tj repair kit may not fit your specific model of Jeep Tj, so you need to pick one that best suits your needs. Here are some of the best Jeep Tj repair kits.

Jeep Tj Frame Repair Kits Reviews

Wrangler Tj Frame Center Section Rust Repair P0720

The Jeep Wrangler TJ 1997-200 models are covered by this repair kit. This heavy-duty kit mounts with the centre skid plate and repairs passenger and driver frame rails. It is one of the most reliable centre-section rust repair kits available. The centre of the plates has been formed to reduce welding requirements.

As well as four tie-in plates, it consists of four seven gauge 19-inch thick plates. You can build an ultra-durable structure welded across the body mount’s sides using these plates. The repair process is easier and more convenient with the included hardware, including nuts and bolts.

ELITEWILL 6PCS Tj Frame Rust Repair Kit

This repair kit from ELITEWILL covers a large section of the Tj frame, unlike P0720, which is designed for only one centre skid plate. This six-piece frame kit covers the centre skid plate and the front and rear trail arms. It is compatible with Jeep TJs from 1992-2002.

The kit is constructed with a high-quality stainless steel 11 gauge frame with a galvanized finish. It is even stronger than the existing frame on the Jeep TJ. The thickness and fit are impressive; if you have the right tools, it can be done in less than one day. This kit is easy to DIY with the right set of tools like a welder, clamps, and grinder, and it takes less than a day to take it down.

ECOTRIC 6PCS Trail Control Arm Skid Plate Frame Rust Repair Kit

Designed to fit Jeep TJ models 1997-2002, the Ecotric Trail control arm skid plate frame repair kit is another premium choice. All the pieces of this repair kit measure between 20-22 inches and are constructed of high-strength carbon steel material. The best part of this repair kit is that it is three times stronger than the existing frame.

This bracket can be used to repair the entire frame on both sides. If you need a high-strength replacement frame for off-roading, the kit covers over 90% of the structure. DIY installation may not be possible with this bracket, as it is a weld-on replacement bracket.

Mountainpeak Full Tub Body Mount Rust Repair

Mauntinbaeed Full RTub body mount rust repair kit comes next on the list. It is an economical option made from 16-gauge hot rolled high-strength carbon steel compatible with all Jeep Tj models from 1997 to 2006. The best part of this kit is that it is very easy to DIY. You can install this kit with minimal effort since CNC machined holes and an installation profile ensure precision and accuracy. Anyone with moderate welding skills can easily install it.

NIXFACE Rear Set Trail Control Arm Frame Rust Repair Kit

Another affordable and easy-to-install trail control arm repair kit is the NIXFACE rear set trail control arm rust repair kit. The kit includes a full-length replacement plate for the front and rear trail control arms. The pieces on the kit measure 20 inches from end to end, giving you a full-length replacement for the rotted parts of the frame.

You can install the Nixface Rust racer kit on all jeep Tj models from 1996-2002 with a simple set of tools and a vehicle-specific tutorial.

How To Repair Jeep Tj Frame – Step By Step Guide

This is a DIY project, so you will only pay as much in labor as you would if you hired someone to do it for you.

Tools That You Need To Repair Jeep Tj Frame

Wheel Chock : It is necessary to use wheel chocks when working on wheels to keep them intact and stable.

A Jack Stand With Adjustable Height: Support stands are used to raise a Jeep and adjust its height after a jack has lifted it.

A Jack: To lift your jeep off the ground, you’ll need a jack.

WD-40:WD-40 is the best lubricant for rusty bolts when working with a worn-out and rusted frame. You can use PB blaster if you don’t have access to WD-40.

A 6-point Socket: The best tool for removing Jeep body nuts and bolts is a 6-point socket.

Impact Wrench: A battery-powered impact wrench is your best option when working with rusted fasteners, nuts, or bolts. A battery-powered impact wrench allows you to reassemble the frame efficiently.

A Plasma Cutter Or Reciprocating Saw: A battery-powered reciprocating saw equipped with a metal-cutting blade is highly recommended for this task. Cutting off the rusted parts of the frame with a powerful cutting tool is crucial.

Follow These Steps To Install A jeep Tj Frame Repair kit

1. Jack Up The Vehicle

Lift the jeep from all four corners. Use a high-quality jack stand to support all four corners of the jeep to give yourself some workspace. An adjustable jack stand will allow you to adjust its height per your needs. Make sure the jack stand is at the maximum height possible. This will enable you to access the frame as efficiently as possible.

2. Remove Everything That Connects To The Body

In addition, you need to cut the rear brake cable bracket, which connects to the frame only on the driver’s side. Remove the skid plate, transfer case mounting bolts, steering shaft, wiring harness, hoses, and brake lines. You must also drain the fields and remove the battery, axles, and drivetrain.

3. Remove The Skid Plate

You should remove the skid plate from the body. The rusted and rotted bolts and nuts may challenge you. If you try to remove the bolts forcefully, you may damage the holes and existing bolts. Once the skid plate has been removed, you should clean the assembly.

4. Cutting

To replace rusty and worn-out frames, mark off all the areas before cutting, regardless of whether you are returning the skid plate for the front rail arm or the rear trail arm. You need to cut the whole worn-out frame at the bottom. But leave at least one inch on top. The repair kit plates will overlap the top of it. Mark the mounting points accordingly. You can now cut the rusted areas with a plasma cutter or reciprocating saw. Reciprocal saw blades should be capable of cutting metal and being powerful enough to glide through metal.

5. Assemble the Kit

Bolts are mounted on the plates in the repair kit. You will need to weld the bolts to the plates. Keep the plates flat and dry. Two plates are included in the kit when you repair the centre skid plate. There are two plates on the vehicle’s passenger side: the plate labelled P and the plate marked D. The plate P is on the passenger side, and plate D is on the driver’s side.

6.The bolts Are The Same

The bolts should be inserted into the holes per the manual’s instructions. Once the bolts are pressed well into the hole, you can fix the past with 1/2-inch nuts. The nuts usually come with Jeep frame repair kits. When finished, keep the nuts flat at the bottom of the plate and weld everything to ensure it is solid and intact.

7. Mark The welding Pints

Place the kit in space and hold it tightly to the frame to mark the area where you should weld the frame. Ensure you hold it tightly enough to get into the right place on the frame. This will help you locate the areas where you should weld the frame.

8. Installation Of The Skid Plate

Ensure the skid, skid plate, and transfer case ( np231-vs-np242) are perfectly aligned. Put the skid over the frame. It will overlap the 1-inch uncut area. Use the clamps to hold the kit in place. By welding around all the corners, ensure all the seams are 100% solid.

Here is a general guide to helping you install a jeep Tj frame repair kit. In the first step, unplug the battery, wiring harness, and everything unplugged else and mount the skid plate back to the body. For measurements and detailed instructions, you should refer to a model-specific guide. The installation guide included with the repair kit should also be followed.

Rust And Corrosion Repair

You can remove the rust from rotted parts if they are not completely damaged and make them completely resistant to corrosion and rust for years. A repair kit can be costly and hectic. Therefore, checking the jeep Tj frame is a good idea to see if the rust can be controlled. You can follow these steps to deal with the rust issue on the jeep Tj frame.

Cleaning: For cleaning the rusted area of your Jeep, put it on a sturdy jack stand and use a wire brush wheel and a drill. This combination of power tools allows you to do the job quickly.

Washing: Once all the dirt has been removed from the frame, use a power washer to remove any grease, rust, grime, or dust left behind. Wait until the workspace and frame have dried completely before moving on to the next step.

Apply The Rust Converter: It takes around three to four hours to fully dry one coat of rust converter or rust reformer on the frame. These products stop rusting and prevent corrosion from occurring in the future. Use a brush to apply the rust reformer to the frame. Once the first coat has dried, apply a second coat and leave the frame for 24 hours.

Applying The Asphalt Undercoating: Black asphalt undercoating is highly recommended to ensure your Jeep TJ frame is completely moisture-proof. In addition to being waterproof and corrosion-resistant, asphalt undercoating is packaged in an aerosol spray format, making it easy to apply even coats. It may be necessary to apply more than one coat based on the product you’re using and the frame requirements.

How Long Does It Take To Install A Jeep Tj Frame Repair Kit?

There may be a time frame between 24-48 hours, depending on the frame area you wish to cover, your tools, and your expertise level. With professional-grade tools like a plasma cutter, you could fix everything in one day if you only cover the centre plate section.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Jeep Tj Frame?

Depending on the type of toolkit you buy, the severity of the issue, and the labour cost, it may be possible to repair the frame of your jeep TJ for under $1000. You can fix the problem by installing a repair kit if the damage is only on one part, like the centre skid plate.

Jeep Tj frame replacement costs can reach $35,000 if worn out. Professional installation is recommended for such a demanding process, so labour costs are added to the total cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are All Jeep Tj Frames The Same?

Although Jeep Tj frames are all the same, they are not identical. The frames for Jeep Tj models from 1997 to 2002 are interchangeable. Frames for Jeep Tj models from 2003 to 2006 are also interchangeable. In addition, aftermarket frames designed for Jeep Tj models in this range are interchangeable with any other Jeep Tj model.

Why Do Wrangler Frames Rust?

It is not uncommon for Jeep Wrangler frames to be directly in contact with water, dust and road salt. These materials sit on the frame for quite some time and cause it to rust.

Is Frame Damage Fixable?

There are repair kits available to replace damaged or worn-out parts of frames, whether they are due to collisions or rust.

Can You Fix The Frame Rust?

A frame repair kit can be used to restore rusted frames that have not been damaged. You can also replace the worn-out, rusted part with one.

Wrapping Up

Based on my experience with Jeep Tj frame repair, this guide will help you find a cost-effective and convenient solution. The Jeep Tj frame repair kits have made removing the outlandish, damaged frame parts on your Jeep easier. Installing the Jeep Tj repair kit is a labour-intensive process, so it is costly. When choosing a new Jeep Tj repair kit, consider its strength, dimensions, and compatibility with your model.