Jeep XJ Vs ZJ – A Detailed Comparison

Are you a jeep lover who wants to know the difference between zj and xj? The size difference is noticeable between the jeep cherokee and grand cherokee but there are also the engine, fuel mileage, comfortability, and price differences. Well, both Jeep XJ Vs ZJ have no match but when it comes to comparison between them, the answer is too difficult. The jeep cherokee xj was manufactured from 1984 to 2001. It was the most famous jeep at that time and about 3 million jeeps were sold in those 18 years span.

Jeep XJ Vs ZJ

First, the manufacturing was handled by AMC (American Motors) and later new owner Chrysler proceeded with the same design and building. On the other hand, in 1993 a grand jeep cherokee was introduced to the market. The jeep zj was bigger in size than the xj, containing a V-8 engine with efficient fuel mileage and a unique engine voice. This time the engine was more powerful than xj’s engine and a comfortable interior made it, the jeep of the year.

Cherokee XJ vs Grand Cherokee ZJ – Major Differences

Although both xj and zj are different, there are also similarities. Such as both have computer control fuel injection and catalytic. As well as, some xj parts can be used in zj. The differences and similarities make these two jeeps best of their time. Let’s dig into all differences and determine which is the perfect jeep cherokee.

1. Engine

In the beginning, the jeep cherokee xj installed a powerful 2.5L AMC 150 engine. This engine was able to produce 105 hp (horsepower). This engine was gasoline powered and used to provide good fuel mileage. Over time, the manufacturer started using a 2.5L turbo diesel engine. This engine was better than the previous gasoline-powered engines and the owner of the jeep could use diesel as a fuel.

Unlike the jeep xj engine, the jeep grand cherokee manufacturer used a V-8 engine which was able to produce 114 hp. At that time it was one of the advanced technologies and better than all other jeep engines. However, the manufacturer upgraded the engine to reduce fuel mileage and increase horsepower. They used a 5.9 L magnum engine. This engine was able to produce 245 hp. That’s why jeep grand cherokee zj ruled over the market for the next 10 years.

Cherokee XJ vs Grand Cherokee ZJ

2. Axle And Suspension

Because the size is different, both xj and zj have non-identical axles and suspensions. The zj possesses a quadra-link suspension with a large coil. On the other hand, the jeep xj has a dana 35 axle for the rear side and a dana 30 axle for the front side. As well, xj owns coil springs on the front side and leaf springs on the backside.

The coil springs are expensive and ensure quality results. They are best for off-road rides and are capable of climbing mountains. Leaf springs are not as expensive as coil springs but they provide a comfortable experience. The leaf springs are based on 3 to 5 layers of leaves. The upper layer is bigger than all the other layers respectively.

However, these leaf springs can bear any kind of pressure. Whereas, the jeep grand cherokee zj supports quadra-link suspension. It is a better technology than the xj’s suspension. The 4 link suspension allows your vehicle to move independently and ensures control of the driver over the jeep.

3. Weight

The average weight of xj was 3375 pounds as compared to 3574 pounds zj weight. The reason behind the weight difference was the V-8 heavy engine and bigger coil springs. As well as, the zj contains large tires, doors, and more space inside. That’s why it was heavier than jeep xj.

4. Fuel Economy

Jeep cherokee xj is better in fuel economy because xj weight is lighter as opposed to zj. As well as, zj possesses a heavy V-8 engine. It consumes more fuel than jeep xj. It takes almost 16 mpg but jeep xj provides a 19 mpg average. However, you can reduce the fuel mileage of zj by adding lightweight tires.

5. Interior Design

Jeep grand cherokee zj has a better interior design. It has more space, the seats are covered with soft plastic leather and a headrest which makes it extremely comfortable. In contrast, the jeep cherokee xj possesses hard plastic cover seats and does not provide sufficient space.

Interior Design

6. Sound System

The Jeep zj has a better sound system than xj. It has 6 speakers and subwoofers but xj has 4 speakers. Well, long drives without premium sound are a waste of time. If you are planning an off-road trip and want a good sound system go for zj. It will provide you with the best quality speakers.

7. Price and looks

No doubt, zj is attractive and its pleasant interior is far better than xj. But it does not mean the xj is inferior or looks bad. Jeep cherokee xj is an old version of zj, so there are some upgrades. Both zj and xj jeeps are off-road vehicles. Hence, they provide an excellent job in climbing, and running on beaten roads and bumpy paths. However, zj’s price is higher than xj because of some engine and interior differences.

Which Jeep Is Better ZJ Or XJ

After reading all this information you might assume zj is better. But before falling into a quick decision, clarify which jeep is more durable and reliable. Well, experts claim that xj is more durable and reliable. Admittedly, these jeeps are not as powerful as zj. They do not have a good sound system. Hard plastic leather sofas are also troublesome. But they consume less fuel.

You can upgrade the sound system. Moreover, the jeep cherokee xj is inexpensive as compared to zj. It is true, zj is an upgraded version. It has soft plastic leather seats with headrests and enough interior space. But there are some problems. Such as insufficient ground clearance and unreliability. Now, you can decide which jeep is better for you according to your use.


Is a ZJ good off-road?

Yes, zj is a good off road jeep. It possesses a powerful engine that can produce 235 to 245 hp. It is comfortable and best for off road rides.

What engines came in the Jeep XJ?

Well, it depends on the model. The first jeep xj manufacturer used a 2.5 L AMC as a gasoline consumer. Later they used a 2.5 L turbo which used to consume diesel.

Are XJ and ZJ the same?

Let’s put it simply, the jeep zj is an upgraded model of jeep xj. They are almost the same but there are some minor differences as zj has a powerful engine, it provides cushioning seats and consumes more fuel. But jeep xj is lightweight, more reliable and has sufficient ground clearance.


We cannot argue on the superiority of both xj and zj. Jeep xj is lightweight, provides you good fuel mileage, and is an inexpensive vehicle. On the other hand, the jeep zj possesses a V-8 engine that can produce 235 to 245 hp, a comfortable and attractive interior and an excellent sound system. So, the decision is up to you according to your priorities. Both of these jeeps are old but when you drive you do not feel like you are in an old vehicle.