Quadra Trac 1 Problems – Detailed Guide

Quadra Trac 1 was introduced for the first time in the 1976s. It is a powerful 4-wheel drive system that works in snow or summer without difficulty. The main function of the quadra trac is to ensure the jeep drive on the snow surface without engaging four-wheel drive. Well, there were some problems with quadra trac 1 so, in 1999 quadra trac 2 replaced the previous version with some updated features.

Quadra Trac 1 Problems

Quadra Trac 1 Problems

The major problem with Quadra Trac 1 is that it does not provide a two-speed transfer. If you do not know about the two-speed transfer case, it means that one side will have a lower speed and the other will have a higher speed. The two-speed transfer is very helpful. It makes your vehicle capable of running in the snow and prevents slips.

The second problem with Quadra Trac 1 is that it does not provide a neutral button or a centre differential lock. Center differential lock is a significant feature. It locks all the differentials and ensures all wheels move on the same side. The central differential encourages your Jeep to get out of deep and heavy snow.

Because it supports all the wheels, they can move forward or backward according to the circumstances. Well, it does not mean the quadra trac 1 is weak or can not provide enough torque. However, the updated version, Quadra Trac 2, fills all the gaps. But quadra trac 1 provides sufficient torque.

Quadra Trac 1 is powerful enough to deal with all problems. You can go off-road with it but as a rule, it is not made for off-road rides. It is specially designed to tackle the risks of heavy snow and slippage. Furthermore, it is also not designed for climbing and running on terrain. If you use it for terrain and climbing, it might break apart, and your tires will stop working.

As well, ensure that the Quadra Trac 1 is equipped with the right tires. For maximum results, maintain good speed. If you do not maintain a moderate speed, the tires will spin and the Jeep may roll over. The quadra trac 1 will provide enough torque when you maintain a good speed consistently.

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Diagnosis And Repair Of QT1 Problems:

To diagnose QT1 problems, a qualified technician may perform various tests and inspections, such as checking the fluid level, quality, and condition of the transfer case and differential, measuring the resistance or voltage of the sensors and switches; and inspecting the clutch pack, chain, and bearings for wear or damage.

Depending on the nature and severity of the problem, the technician may recommend various repair or replacement options, such as:

  • Flushing and refilling the NP231 vs NP242 transfer case and differential with the recommended fluid type and quantity.
  • Repairing or replacing worn or damaged components, such as the clutch pack, chain, bearings, gears, or solenoids, with genuine or high-quality parts.
  • upgrading or modifying the QT1 system with aftermarket or performance parts, such as a limited-slip differential, a stronger chain or gears, or a more advanced electronic control unit.
  • Adjusting or aligning the suspension or the tires to compensate for the torque distribution and reduce the wear or stress on the tires.
  • The cost of diagnosing and repairing QT1 problems may vary depending on the complexity and location of the issue, the labor rates, and the parts and tools required. However, ignoring or neglecting QT1 problems could lead to more expensive or dangerous

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Benefit Of Quadra Trac 1?

The quadra trac 1 provides enough torque to get out of deep snow and prevent tires from slipping on the snow.

Is Quadra Trac 1 A Full-Time 4wd?

Yes, the Quadra Trac 1 is a full-time 4wD. In simple terms, there is no need for driver input in any situation.

What Is The Difference Between Quadra-Trac 1 and 2?

The quadra trac 1 is the first version introduced in 1976. On the other hand, quadra trac 2 was introduced in 1999 with some updated features such as a two-speed transfer case, a neutral button, and a centre differential lock.

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Can You Off-Road With Quadra Trac 1?

Yes, you can off-road with quadra trac 1 but it is not made for beaten roads and bumpy highways.


Quadra Trac 1 is an old but powerful and amusing system. If you have it, you do not need driver input to distribute the traction in any situation. Well, there are some problems such as it does not have a two-speed transfer case, neutral button, and a centre differential lock. The updated version quadra trac 2 provides all these features. Without all these features, quadra trac is enough for preventing tire slipping and deep snow driving.