400+ Truck Names Ideas In 2023 [Cool, Badass, Classic]

Are you a proud truck owner looking for a unique and attractive name for your truck? If yes, we have got you covered. This post is all about truck names. Before you look for a unique name for your truck, you should consider a few things like, “What or who does your truck resemble?” Is it a boy or a girl? If it has any special features or traits? Once you get answers to these questions, it becomes easier to name your truck.

Cool, Badass, Girl & Old, Diesel Truck Names By Color – Truck Nicknames

Badass Truck Names

  1. Bandito: Robber, part of a gang
  2. Black Belt: Symbolizes power and defence
  3. Dreadful: Ugly, very bad, or unpleasing
  4. Doom: Of a terrible fate
  5. Candace: Something totally flawless, perfect
  6. Holden: A strong muscular man with beautiful hair
  7. Wrecker: Someone who breaks up parties or situations
  8. Rosanne: The most beautiful rose in the world
  9. Zetta Mae: A goddess of growth in Greek mythology
  10. Raptor: A bird of prey, or robber
  11. Ripper: In British, the English ripper is another word used for vendor
  12. Recluse: Someone who lives a solitary life
  13. The Outlaw: Someone who is not under the protection of the law
  14. Cannonball: A long-range weapon
  15. Crumedeggon: An ill-tempered old man or something crusty
  16. Deathrow: A prison where the prisoners sentenced to death are kept
  17. Steamroller: Something that makes its way with power
  18. Felony: Murderer
  19. Freight: Loaded for transport
  20. Inferno: The big fire
  21. Rager: Something that lives here and there
  22. Jarvis: A name of an English saint, symbolizes charm and peace
  23. Voltron: A giant American robot
  24. Domino: A girl’s name meaning lord
  25. Wreckloose: A person who lives apart from society
  26. Calypso: A name of Greek origin meaning “the girls who hide”
  27. Knight rider: It symbolizes power, defence, and revenge
  28. Warthog: A wild pig
  29. Slasher: Its a word of Egyptian origin meaning love and affection
  30. Bulldog: Symbolizes speed and power
  31. Mad Max: Symbolizes violence and sadism
  32. Envy: Jealousy
  33. Rocky: Symbolize strength and resilience
  34. Sniper: A human or killer, symbolizes defense and courage
  35. Divebomb: To attack someone while flying
  36. SpeedX: All about speed and rapidness
  37. Torcher: A flash Jacker
  38. Screech: A piercing noise or cry
  39. Capo: Chief or leader
  40. Snap: A sudden destructive action, that symbolizes roughness
  41. Athena: Something witty and outgoing
  42. Uncle Jeb: A witty name for older trucks
  43. Tailgate: To come with or come along
  44. Twig: Someone or something of a small size
  45. Cowboy: Reckless and daring-symbolizes freedom
  46. Hot Mamma: For old yet loved truck
  47. Coyote Joe: Symbolizes contemptibility and dishonesty
  48. Dump Truck: Symbolizes the bulky structure of something
  49. Troublemaker: The best badass name you can choose for your truck
  50. Sawdust: Something of very charming and persuasive appearance
  51. Spark Plug: Full of energy and positivity
  52. Razor: Cool, awesome, or flawless
  53. Rocket Fuel: Something that gives you power and energy
  54. DeLorean: An Irish whiskey drink, that symbolizes madness
  55. Scythe: A carver or cutter

Big Truck Names

  1. Gravedigger: A big balck person
  2. Basketcase: Nervous wreck
  3. Donald: Something with unbelievable talents and abilities
  4. Hades: Greek God of the underworld
  5. Bon-Bon: Something gratifying in a light way
  6. Butterball: A name for something oversized
  7. Chowder: Brainless, Stupid
  8. Macaron: French cookies popular among wealthy people
  9. Plumpish: Bulky and fat in a pleasing way
  10. Wheezer: Someone having trouble breathing
  11. Rooster: Something powerful, proud, and famous
  12. Lumberjack: It’s all about the power of the trucks
  13. Beast: Big, powerful, unbeatable, and monstrous
  14. Mammoth: Exceptionally oversized
  15. Bulldozer: Something with the power to rube and trash to make its way
  16. Warrior: Selfless, resistant, and powerful fighter
  17. Goblin: Mischievous, unruly, and Someone who makes his own rules to live
  18. Goliath: Giant, powerful and intimidating
  19. Clifford: A big and fat red dog
  20. Hulk: Anything oversized, bulky, or clumsy
  21. Fabby: Fabulous, remarkable
  22. Tank: Something very giant and muscular
  23. Jumbo: Something very big/large
  24. Titan: All about power, strength, and success
  25. Flamboyant: Very Influential or noticeable
  26. Arty: Very inventive or enthusiastic
  27. Alaska: A gender-neutral name meaning the mainland
  28. Hercules: Roman name for Greek God
  29. Heathcliff: The wheeler-dealer who has no feelings for anything else
  30. Everest: The biggest
  31. Rex: Super-sexy, handsome, ruler
  32. Cougar: A slang term used for older women who date the young men
  33. Hoss: Enormous and powerful like a horse
  34. Magnum: Great and powerful
  35. Hugo: An Irish boy name meaning intellect or mind
  36. Yeti: Something flying having no idea what’s going on
  37. Medusa: Stunningly beautiful women
  38. Xena:Unifamiliar, or guest
  39. Vixen: A female fox, or super sexy
  40. Mondo: Of a big size or very large in number
  41. Uber: Unrestricted, beyond

Old Truck Names

  1. Jalopy: A name for old automobiles
  2. Kodak: An outdated camera brand, a slang for outdated trucks
  3. Oldie: Old and cute
  4. Old-Timer: If you are the proud owner of an old truck
  5. Viejo: Old man in Spanish
  6. Grumpy: Ill-tempered or grouchy
  7. Lucy: Related to light and sunshine
  8. Thor: Norwegian god of thunder, agriculture, and sky
  9. Godzilla: Something big and enormous
  10. Rust: For its rusty appearance
  11. Bobby-Dazzler: An expression for something really good in older British English
  12. Carry-Castles: A name for the elephant in the middle ages
  13. Hotchi-Witchi: An older nickname for hedgehog
  14. Lucania Ox: Elephant dressed in thick armor used by Zephyrus to build the Greek empire in 280 BCE
  15. Blondie: Cute and blond
  16. Owlet: A kind of owl found in Africa
  17. Living Angel: Something that brings out the best for the world
  18. Angel: A real gem
  19. Swag: Something confident with a unique style
  20. Cuddle Buddy: A partner you want to cuddle with
  21. Senior: Name for an older model truck
  22. Yoda: One who knows or warrior
  23. Big Mac: Loved and wanted
  24. Smidget: Tiny or a little bit
  25. Scrambler: A quick mover
  26. Cameo: Old greek name for girls
  27. Daredevil: Recklessly adventurous and bold
  28. Adonis: In greek mythology Adonis is God
  29. Grey-Haired: If your truck appears really old
  30. Bygone: Smothering that happened in a past era
  31. Fossil: Something old and outdated
  32. Veteran: Experienced, someone who served in wartime
  33. Hairy: Scary or smoothing with hairy loops and turns
  34. Olden: Something old and loved
  35. Duke: A Latin word meaning leader
  36. Clunker: An old vehicle or machinery in bad condition
  37. Relic: Anything from the past that had been kept
  38. Grizzled: Smoothing with a streaky appearance like mixed in gray or golden

Red Truck Names

  1. Blood Demon: Red and mischievous
  2. Bloodshot: Red and inflamed
  3. Fireball: Red and explosive
  4. Blush: Something red to pinkish
  5. Spice: Hot and lively
  6. Coral: Reddish-brown growth on water bodies
  7. Brandy: The word of Dutch Origin managing “Burnt Wine”
  8. Brassy: Daring and adventurous
  9. Cherry: Sweetheart or darling
  10. Candy: Red and sweet
  11. Cosmic: Related to the universe
  12. Crimson: A shade of red or orange
  13. Hellcat: Violent or ill-temarted
  14. Road Rage: Aggressive on the road
  15. Phoenix: Immortal or life after death
  16. Rowan: Obsessively strange or shiny
  17. Apollo: A remarkably handsome man
  18. Infurnus: Norwegian word for musical instruments
  19. Hot Rod: A vehicle that is serviced for optimized performance
  20. Prometheus: In greek mythology, Prometheus is a God of fire
  21. Red Bullet: Red and fast
  22. Red Devil: Red and dangerous
  23. Redbull: All about the power of red
  24. Red Rover: Something red that is passionate about traveling
  25. Scarlet: A word of French origin meaning red
  26. Rosy/Rosie: Red, famous and beautiful
  27. Ruby: Deep red gemstone
  28. Texan: Gender-neutral American name meaning friend
  29. Volcano: Roman God of fire
  30. Roone: Irish Boys name meaning red-haired
  31. Clancy: A Soldier with red hair
  32. Amber: A red gemstone that is very rare
  33. Russet: A gender-neutral name meaning reddish
  34. Vermillion: Red dye made from the insect Kermes Vermilio
  35. Salsa: Flower in paradise
  36. Lava: Red, flowy and unrestricted
  37. Aka: Japanese word meaning red
  38. Ignite: To set on fire
  39. LadyBug: A red bug

Blue Truck Names

  1. Big Blue
  2. Baby Blue
  3. Smurf
  4. Bluebird
  5. Lapis
  6. Sulley

Black Truck Names

  1. Black Raven
  2. Black Beauty
  3. Black Pearl
  4. Home Wrecker
  5. Black Panther
  6. Dark Knight
  7. Dark Angel
  8. Nightmare
  9. Black Mamba
  10. Shadow
  11. Dark Chocolate
  12. Midnight King

Boy Truck Names

  1. Mack: The greatest
  2. Leon: Unisex name meaning Lion
  3. LeBorn: Meaning “of low courage” or timid-an ironic name for your off-road
  4. Hellboy: The son of devil
  5. Bruce: A unisex name meaning “well-born”:
  6. Balboa: Pleasant valley
  7. Big Boy: Shows the immense size and power of truck
  8. Hudson: Symbolizes the justice and bravery of a ruler
  9. Lincoln: Town by the pool
  10. Superman: Symbolize justice, hope, and truth
  11. Batman: A true superhero
  12. John Henry: An English saint
  13. Dave: Beloved
  14. Hank: A German-origin name meaning home ruler
  15. Iron Man: All about strength and power
  16. The Hulk: A masterpiece or superhero
  17. Iron Maiden: Symbolizes integrity, dominance, and resilience
  18. Benz: A luxury type of car
  19. Blizzard: A snow strain that symbolizes chaos and trauma
  20. Bomber: A fighter jet that dispenses bombs
  21. Buddy: When your truck is your best friend
  22. Casey: Vigilant and steadfast in the war
  23. Clapton: If you love guitar
  24. Cricket: The explorer
  25. Dilbert: A famous cartoon character
  26. Eddard: If you love Game Of Thrones
  27. Fergus: A man of power and rule
  28. Garret: Symbolizes the boldness and bravery
  29. Lux: Luxury
  30. Nike: A word of Greek origin meaning victory

Girl Truck Name

  1. Wangchuck: Symbolizes the kingdom
  2. Aloha: A name of Hawaiian origin meaning hello or goodbye
  3. Grace: Charm, generosity, and goodness
  4. Eleanor: With a shining heart
  5. Avery: Ruler of the elves (magical creatures)
  6. Sophia: Symbolizes wisdom
  7. Layla: All about dark beauty
  8. Electra: Shining and glittering
  9. Black Beauty: The best name for a black truck
  10. Charlotte: A true warrior
  11. Meja: An iron lady
  12. Kalamma: A flame sued for lightning
  13. Titania: All about greatness and power
  14. Ariel: Lioness of God
  15. Gessi: Symbolizes bravery, ruling, and justice
  16. Rissie: A floral-inspired name for red trucks
  17. Lilly: A floral-inspired name for white trucks
  18. Apollonia: Goddess of the sun
  19. Brígh: Bright and powerful
  20. Anala: A name of Hindu origin meaning “Fire”
  21. Raven: Relates to prophecy and insight
  22. Mystique: Something special that is unveiled yet
  23. Xena: Hospitable or welcoming

Pickup Truck Names

  1. Boomerang: A slang word used for the generation shift
  2. Dexter: Skillful or favorable
  3. Destroyer: An ironic name for your off-rader
  4. Gargoyle: Symbolizes warding off bad spirits
  5. Jaxx: The son of jack or john
  6. Knox: The biblical boy name meaning hill
  7. Rambo: Reckless
  8. Xavier: Enlightened
  9. Dust Devil: If you love off-roading
  10. Zephyr: A gender-neutral of greek origin meaning wet wind
  11. Colt: A young horse full of energy
  12. Jagger: Something with pointy edges
  13. Topkick: Of a higher rank

Silver Truck Names

  1. Alloy: For its metallic appearance-symbolizes strength
  2. Ash: Meaning happy-related to the silver color of the truck
  3. Blingz: It’s a feminine name meaning diamond
  4. Crystal: A real gem
  5. Metal: For the truck’s gray and shiny appearance
  6. Zirconium: A golden-hued gemstone
  7. Quartz: It symbolizes spirituality and wisdom
  8. Armor: Symbolizes the defense and protection
  9. Glitter: Sparkling brilliance and beauty
  10. Posiedon: Lord Of Earth
  11. Moonlight: Symbolizes the immortality and life
  12. Silver Edge: For light gray colored trucks
  13. Silver Fox: A slang word for an attractive middle-aged man
  14. Steel: Gray and shiny
  15. Titanium: The son of Goddess earth
  16. Sterling: Genuine, pure, or of the highest quality
  17. Wraith: A ghost or spirit
  18. Mystic: Close to the eyes or lips

Truck Names Ideas That Represent Your Company

Long Haul Logistics: This name communicates the company’s focus on long-distance transportation and has a professional ring.

Freight Force: This name suggests strength and reliability, key selling points for a trucking company.

Expressway Logistics: This name implies speed and efficiency, which can be a great selling point for clients who need their goods transported quickly.

Cargo Crusaders: This name is fun and memorable and emphasizes the company’s commitment to delivering goods safely and on time.

Mighty Movers: This name has a friendly and approachable feel and implies that the company can handle even the toughest moving jobs.

Benefits Of Having A Great Business Truck Names

Brand Identity: A great business name can help establish a clear and memorable brand identity that sets you apart from your competitors.

Credibility: A well-chosen business name can make your company appear more credible and professional, which can be important when competing for clients.

Marketing: A memorable and catchy business name can be a powerful marketing tool, making your company more memorable and easier to find online.

Differentiation: A unique business name can help you differentiate your company from your competitors and establish a unique selling point.

Customer Engagement: A catchy and memorable business name can help you engage with your customers, who may be more likely to share your name with their friends and family.

How To Choose The Best Name For a Truck?

A truck’s attitude symbolizes the owner’s personality and lifestyle. Some may look for funny or ironic names, while others want a name that reflects your truck’s attitude and lifestyle. Here are a few tips and ideas to name your truck.

How To Choose The Best Name For a Truck

Truck Look And Appearance:

Before you pick a name for the truck, consider how it looks. You need to choose a more retro name if it’s an old vintage truck. Also, you should consider the vehicle’s size, color, and shape before choosing a name for it.

If it’s a big truck, it will get the names like a chief, pumpkin, etc. For mini trucks, you can find out many cute and funny names for your trucks.

Sarcastic Names

Sarcastic names are very famous among the jeep and truck owners (Have a look at the jeep names we have listed). Naming your truck opposite to its character and appearance gives an ironic effect. Also, it adds humor making the sarcastic names much more attractive.

Trucks Function

Think about the function of your trucks. You might like a badass aggressive name if you do off-roading or desert racing. It may get more familiar names if you do tow on the highways.

Decide If Its A Girl or a Boy

Before you name your truck, decide its gender. You may love more aggressive and muscular names if it’s a boy. If it’s a girl, it will get sweet floral-inspired names. Also, many gender-neutral names reflect your sentiments about your vehicle

Truck Name Generator

If you cannot find a unique name for your truck, you can use a truck name generator. Tracks name generators are online web tools that suggest attractive and unique names for your trucks. These online naming tools ask basic questions about the gender, color, function, and size of your trucks and suggest beautiful names.

Here are a few famous tracks name generators

The Story Shack





What Should I Name My Boy Truck?

The name of any warrior or any character symbolizing power, defense, and strength will be a great choice for a boy truck name. You can pick up a name for boy trucks that symbolizes muscular power and recklessness. Hudson, Hulk, Ironman, and Batman are some examples of boy truck names.

What Should I Name My GREY Truck?

You can choose metallic names for a gray truck that symbolize strength, shine, and steadfastness. Tinatinum, ash, silver steel, quartz, bling, and sterling are the best names if you own a silver truck.

How Do I Choose A Truck Name?

Your track name should be a true reflection of your lifestyle, driving style, and truck features. Consider the function, shape, color, and gender of your truck and choose the name accordingly. Also, you can choose an ironic and witty name for your truck.

How Important Is It To Have A Catchy Name?

Having a catchy and memorable name can be very helpful for marketing and brand recognition, but it’s not the only factor to consider. Additionally, make sure your business name is memorable, easy to spell, and does not sound too similar to any existing companies.

Wrapping Up (Best Truck Names)

We are hopeful that this post will help you choose a unique and attractive name for your truck. Truck name generators are useful tools that can help find out good truck names.