How Much Do Rims Cost? All Factors You Need To Know

Rims are an essential part of a vehicle and play an essential role in how a car looks and functions. If you want to upgrade your car or want to replace your worn-out car rims, you must have an idea of how much the rims cost. The cost of the rims varies over an extensive range of a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

How Much Do Rims Cost

The cost of rims largely depends upon the material and crafting techniques. Many other factors are also involved that largely affect the overall price of rims. If you wonder how much the rims cost, this guide is going to be a big help for you. This post covers everything that you need to know about different types of rims and their average market prices. Also, I’ve discussed the factors that may increase or decrease the overall rims cost.

How Much Do New Rims Cost? How Much Are Car Rims/ Car Wheels

Type of RimPrice per Rim (Approx)
Basic steel rims$60-$120
Aluminum alloy rims$70-$150
Painted finish rims (black/white)$100-$400
Bronze coated rims$100-$300
Chrome-plated rims$150-$400
Graphite coated rims $300-$700

The cost of the car rim can be as low as $40 per rim and it can be as high as $700 per rim. Sports and luxury cars can cost you even more than this. The price spectrum is broad and therefore you need to narrow down your choices to find the one that is in line with your needs. So let’s begin with different types of rims and the average market prices. Please check out, how close to the sidewall can a tire be patched.

Basic Steel Rims

A few years back steel rims were the most common type of rims available on the market. Steel rims are also the cheapest type of car rims you can buy today. These rims are sturdy and heavy. The biggest advantage of the steel rims is that they are cheap yet durable. They wear out more slowly and come at a very affordable price. However, steel rims have multiple disadvantages.

Due to heavy construction steel rims negatively affect the speed, performance, and fuel economy of the vehicle. Also, the heat dissipation properties of steel rims are not as impressive as alloy and chrome rims. Today steel rims are not as common as they were a few years back but you can still find a large variety of steel rims. You can find steel rims as low as $30 per rim. Premium gare steel rims are designed for heavy-duty vehicles like trucks and the price varies between $60-$100.

Aluminum Alloy Rims

Aluminum alloy rims are famous for being light and strong. It is the most common type of rim currently available on the market. Aluminum alloy rims have pushed steel rims out of the market. The rims have a wide application in multiple vehicle types from luxury cars to regular cars and heavy-duty vehicles for their incredible fuel economy.

Alloy rims have better heat conductivity and braking load ratings. Alloy rims are also pretty affordable and this is probably the biggest reason why they are common. The cost of the rims usually varies between $70-$150 depending upon the size. You can find alloy rims as cheap as $50 per rim.

How Much Do Rims Cost

Chrome Rims

Chrome rims are not actually made out of chrome. Chrome is an expensive material and an entire rim built of chrome can cost you tens of thousands of dollars. So chrome rims are actually chrome-plated steel or alloy rims. These rims do not significantly enhance the performance or fuel economy of the car. However, they significantly enhance the aesthetics and are often used in luxury cars. The biggest perk of chrome-plated rims is that they are corrosion-proof.

These rims are a great option if you regularly drive in snow or wet terrains. Chrome plated rims are a little more expensive than regular alloy rims. The price of chrome plated rims varies between $150-$400 per rim. Depending upon the size and cutting type the price of chrome plated rims can be low or high

Finish Or Painted Rims

Painted or finished rims can add a flash to your rides without adding too much to the cost. Both steel and alloy rims are available in printed form. Rims are painted in various colors and shades including black, white, and gray. Black rims are more expensive than white and gray rims.

The cost of the painted rims varies between $100-$400. The cost of the rim also depends upon the size and the cost of 18-inch back alloy rims is as high as $300 per rim. Painted or finished rims are not corrosion-proof but can resist corrosion for a long time. The lifespan and ability to resist weathering depend upon how wheels are maintained over time.

Graphite Coated Rims

Graphite-coated rims are used in luxury vehicles. Graphite is a rugged protective coating that improves the heat conduction and corrosion-resistant properties of the alloy rims. Graphite-coated rims usually cost between $300-$700 per rim.

Carbon Fiber Rims

Carbon Fiber rims are crafted for luxury cars like Lamborghini Avenmtaodr and racing cars. A set of carbon fiber wheels can be as expensive as $10,000. These wheels are designed with the needs of speed and durability in mind. These wheels feature a very high-end manufacturing process. A composite material is injected with resin to craft premium-grade rims. These wheels are three times lighter than the metal rims making them super fast. With unrivaled heat conduction properties, these wheels are used in racing applications.

Used And Reconditioned Rims

Reconditioned or used rims are usually cheaper than new rims. Used rims are those that were previously installed in any vehicle and now are available in the market for resale. Used rims are a great option for on-budget customers. They may not look aesthetically pleasing but can help you save a big amount. Also, you can buy a wide range of premium-grade racing rims for resale. These rims come at a very affordable price in very good conditions.

Reconditioned rims are those that were minimally damaged and are restored to new-like condition. If you’re buying a reconditioned or repaired set of rims buy it from a trusted retailer or dealership to avoid scams. If you’re unable to find rims for your older or rare vehicle there are brighter chances that you can find them in either used or reconditioned form.

What Makes The Rims More Expensive?

There are certain factors that increase the overall cost of the rim. In addition to material, there are certain factors like size, the manufacturing process, and the type of vehicle for which they are made. These factors have a significant impact on the overall price of the rim.

What Makes The Rims More Expensive


Wheels that are crafted with advanced and more reliable crafting techniques are usually more expensive. To create custom-designed rims a lot of effort and money is invested which raises the final price of the wheels. For instance, cast and forged rims are two types of aluminum alloy rims.

Cast rims are crafted by pressing the raw material into a mold. So the mass production of cast trims is pretty cheap. On the other hand forged rims are crafted by a single aluminum block by applying extreme temperature and pressure. The process cost is higher so these rims are more expensive than cast rims.

Retailer Or Dealership

The cost of the rim also depends upon the source from which you buy it. People buy the rims from a dealership, retailer, or direct from the factory. If you buy OEM rims, it is advised to buy them directly from that factory. OEM wheels are expensive but tested for quality and performance. Also, these rims offer a direct fit for your vehicles and the installation cost is pretty low.

If you’re buying aftermarket wheels from a dealership instead of a retailer, it will cost you more. A dealership usually keeps a higher profit margin while selling the new aftermarket rims. If you are buying brand new aftermarket rims it is advised to buy from a trusted retailer to save some bucks. For used or reconditioned rims you can contact a dealership through a solid reference to get the rims at a reasonable price.

Size Of The Rims

The size of the rim is another crucial factor. Bigger rims are more expensive than smaller rims due to additional material costs. Off-roading rims are usually bigger in size to enhance the ground clearance. It makes them a little more expensive than their short counterparts.

The Vehicles Make And Model

The availability of the rims for a specific vehicle model is another important factor. The cost of rims designed for the latest vehicles is less than the older models due to ease of availability. If you want to replace the rim or wheel of an older vehicle you may not get fully compatible rims on the market. In that case, you have to order the rims having sizes and designs that are perfectly in line with your needs. Special rims are not produced in bulk and therefore the manufacturing cost is much higher.

In addition to that, rims designed for sports and racing cars use expensive materials like carbon fiber and diamond cutting process making them pretty expensive. Off-roading rims are designed for better impact resistance and weathering protection making them a little more expensive than regular car rims. Also, rims designed for a vehicle that is common usually come cheaper than a vehicle that is not common in the general public.

Type Of Finishes

The cost of the rims also depends upon the type of finishing. Chrome and graphite finishing are the most expensive options. Large chrome plated rims may cost you as high as $500 per rim. Powder coating is another premium-grade finish. Powder-coated rims have an application in off-roading for their unrivaled protection against oxidation, dirt, and grim.

Large powder-coated rims are designed for tough off-roading application and cost as high as $700 per rim. Regularly painted rims in black, white, and gray are cheaper and widely used in regular cars and city vehicles.  Liquid-painted rims are cheaper than powder-coated rims but have a shorter service life.

What Brands Make Good Wheels For Cheap?

Knowing some reliable brands that manufacture cheap yet high-quality rims will help find a set of rims that fits your budget.


Konig is one of the most trusted brands that produce affordable rims. Even their budget-friendly rims are built to last. They have a wide range of alloy and steel rims available over a wide price range. Also, they have a big collection of racing wheels that are also much more affordable than other brands. Here are some of the most affordable Konig wheels that you can buy today.

Bronze HE HELIUM Wheel by Konig Wheels HE65D04408

These 15-inch bronze rims by Konig are crafted with cast aluminum with a bronze coating. These wheels are among the most reliable yet cheapest rims that you can buy today.

Konig 16MB Lace 18×8 5×100 +35et Gloss Black With Machined Face Wheel

Finding a machined face rim in gloss black finish under $500 is a little challenging but Konig has an option for you. This machined-face rim is designed for heavy-duty off-roading applications offering the best value for money.

What Brands Make Good Wheels For Cheap


Enki is a Japan based wheel manufacturing brand. Enkei wheels are also famous for their price-performance ratio. Enkei rims tend to be more simple yet more durable. You may not find the super flashy design in Enkei wheels but their wheels offer unrivaled impact resistance and fuel economy at a very reasonable price.

Enkei 16″ Single 16X6.5 Machined Gray Alloy Wheel

These alloy wheel rims are designed for the replacement of Honda Civic 2017-2019 models. This is probably the only aftermarket replacement for Honda civic under $150. These rims are known for their impressive fuel economy and seamless compatibility with the Honda Civic.

Enkei RPF1 (16 x 7, 4 x 100) 43mm Offset

It is one of the best offset 16-inch rims that you can buy in the glass back finishing. It comes at a very reasonable price and outperforms many expensive counterparts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Okay to Buy Rims Online?

It is perfectly okay to buy rims online provided that you do research before buying the rim online. If you are buying reconditioned rims online, you should ask for the original pictures of the product instead of the example before making a purchase. Also, you should look for a trusted retailer online to make your investment safe.

How much does a metal rim cost?

The cost of materials depends upon various factors like the construction process, size, material uses, fishing type, and the type of vehicle for which they are made. Basic steel rims are cheaper and actually cost you around $40-$90 open wheel. Aluminum alloy rims are slightly more expensive than steel rims. Chrome plated, graphite coated and powdered rims are expensive and may cost you so high as $700.

How long do powder coat rims last?

The powder-coated rims last as long as 20 years if properly maintained over time. Powder-coated wheels last three times as long as the liquid-painted rims. Due to the electrostatic nature of the particle, these rims can resist damage for more than 2 decades.

What is a good price for a set of rims?

The price of rims varies depending upon the material, design, manufacturing process, and availability. For regular uses, you can buy a set of steel firms as low as $100. However premium grade rims designed for better fuel economy and wear resistance use premium grade material and fishing making them as expensive as $1500 per set.

Why rims are expensive?

Rims are expensive since they are made with premium-grade materials like aluminum and magnesium. Also, rims contain expensive coating like powder coated, chrome plating, and bronze finish making them even more expensive.

Conclusion – The Price Of Different Rims

A good set of rims can significantly enhance the performance and aesthetic value of your vehicle. However, you need to be very careful while choosing a set of rims for your car. Rims serve an important purpose so you should not hesitate in paying a few extra bucks to get better design and quality. Rims’ impact performance and ability to resist weathering are two important features to consider.  If you pay higher for a superior rim coating it will save you a lot in the future in terms of low maintenance costs.