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Jeep Hardtop Paint

For most parts of the world, even living-friendly South, rain, and snow falls for days in winter and causes hurdles in your trips by shelling you inside your house. I eagerly wanted to compel my daydream to have a beach vacation with my family, and for that purpose, I needed to carry belongings including kayaks, luggage, and more with me. A jeep hardtop is the only solution that shields the stuff and allows us to head safely. To complete the look, jeep hardtop paint is a must-have!

The paint for the jeep hardtop not only makes it looks visibly appealing but also shields the surface from extreme external conditions like winds, rain, snow, hail, direct radiation, rust, and whatnot. Although the hardtops are already more durable and resilient than soft tops, the finest jeep wrangler hardtop paint will make your SUV everlasting. Here is more that you need to know:

Jeep Hardtop Paint

Jeep Hardtop Paint
Infographic: Jeep Hardtop Paint

An Introduction To Jeep Hardtop

Jeep hardtops are roofs for automobiles that offer unbeatable versatility. The hardtops are made of thicker, denser, and most durable material, usually metal, that lasts longer and stands stiff against external pressures. Over that, a hardtop is an insulation that reduces the background noise and makes driving smoother and calmer. However, removing and installing the hard tops is a struggle as compared to soft tops because they are heavier, but it should not be a big issue considering the countless benefits.

There is no need for extra service for your luggage when you’re leaving for a long trip because the hardtop allows you to place your belongings without any worry. You can also add a rack over the hardtop to place extra things like skis, longboards, kayaks, and more. While on the inside, you can leave pricey and valuable belongings too because hardtops cover them and maintain high security. All-in-all, as far as jeep tops are concerned, there is no better choice than a picture-perfect hardtop!

Why Jeep Hardtop Paint Is Necessary?

As I said before, the hardtops are designed to provide extra security and safety to the back of the jeep, hence providing room for your luggage and travel essentials. In short, you cannot imagine an outstation trip without the hardtop on your SUV, especially in winter. To retain the quality and resistive properties of the hardtop, it is necessary to coat it with top-quality paint.

The best jeep hardtop paint is the one that possesses excellent withstanding properties against external impact factors, acts as an insulator and reduces the background noise and vibration, and enhances the overall aesthetics of your SUV. However, to get all these benefits, it is important to apply paint in the right way; otherwise, you’ll end up with a clumpy surface. Therefore, I am adding a guide on how to paint a jeep hardtop shortly.

How To Paint A Jeep Hardtop?

In the first place, you need to do surface preparations before you apply paint. The preparation is very essential as it plays a major role in what you get at the end of the application. For example, if a specific surface is not primed nicely or not cleaned enough, the paint will become clumpier on it and will look odd after drying.

The surface preparation step in painting a hardtop starts with sanding. You need to sand a surface using a sander to buff out the visible marks and scratches from the hardtop and make it smooth and clear so that you’ll easily apply paint to it. However, make sure to not overdo this step because it will damage the hardtop. There are two tricks for a worthy sanding process: soft-handed application and high-quality sanding paper.

Instead of sanding paper, you can also check out some electrical sanding machines which will reduce the mechanical effort and will make your work smoother and more efficient in performance. Usually, professionals use sanding machines to clear out a surface because it is not time-consuming. Once you’re done with the preparation work, it’s time to move on to the next step.

In the second step, you need to cover the areas which are not to be painted using masking tape. For example, cover the windows, sides, logos, etc., using good quality tape. This step will take no more than a few minutes, but make sure to mask the windows in a straight manner to get the best output.

Then, it’s time to paint the hardtop using the finest paint! Please never overdo paint, relax and start painting the surface with soft hands. There is no tough rule, all you need to do is to give uniform coverage to the hardtop. Once you’re done with the first coat, let the paint dry completely, and then go for the second coat. As far as hardtops are concerned, dual-coating is enough to get the wanted results.

Best Jeep Hardtop Paints Reviews

1. XTryfun Touch Up Paint

The first choice on this list is XTryfun touch-up paint for jeep hardtops. This paint product has gained my votes for its convenient operation—it is super easy to handle and apply. Regardless of whether the hardtop is scratched or rough, the XTryfun paint will make it super smooth and glossy in appearance after coating. However, you need to make sure to not extra coat the surface; otherwise, it will look bumpy.

Aside from convenience, the paint is formulated with excellent quality ingredients that withstand external impact factors including rain, snow, rust, UV rays, and more. I am impressed with the scratch resistance of this paint! Not only that, but if the hardtop is already scratched, the XTryfun will cover it up nicely and restore the quality of the material.

Luckily, the XTryfun hardtop paint is available in thirteen different colors, and you can choose one that suits your vehicle’s color or the color of your hardtop. Considering the same color makes painting easier; however, if you want to go for a different hue, you need to put a little extra effort into the coating. Overall, the XTryfun paint gives a glossy and appealing texture to the hardtops.

In addition, the drying time matters a lot when it comes to painting a surface. So paints take forever to dry completely and make the entire painting procedure hectic. Don’t worry! That’s not the case with the XTryfun paint because it takes no more than 10 minutes to dry completely, which is impressively amazing. However, it is recommended to use the XTryfun paint in summer for quick drying and the best results.

What we liked

  • Convenient to apply
  • Quick drying
  • Durable

What we didn’t like

  • Double coating is recommended

In conclusion, the XTryfun is the top-most hardtop paint for its utmost convenience, quick drying feature, durability, and resistance. It dries quickly and covers the scratches and marks nicely to provide an appealing glossy appearance.

2. Mopar Hard Top Paint

Mopar is among the front-running brands in the painting industry and the company has a strong grip over hardtop paints. As a long-term user, I have strong faith in the Mopar paints for their everlasting nature, excellent coverage, availability, and affordability. No matter whether you’re an inexperienced painter or an expert, you’ll be impressed with the astonishing results, convenience, and more. Let’s see more about this certain Mopar jeep hardtop paint:

The Mopar hardtop paint is formulated with special ingredients that tend to cover the surfaces excellently. This paint will cover the scratches, marks, and even small dents, and provide smooth and aesthetic results. However, the result highly depends on the application because if you’re not good at painting hardtops, the results will be different. There is no rocket science even if you’re an amateur, just ensure to be light on your hands and resist over-applying.

In addition, the hardtops are designed to cope with the external weather conditions to keep the interior of your jeep safe and secure. That’s why it is best suited for travelers and people who’re planning long trips. Thus, the best hardtop paint should also be resistant enough to tackle impact factors like weather fluctuations, rust, direct sunlight, and more. Likewise, the Mopar paint is my top choice for its exemplary resistance.

What we liked

  • Long-lasting
  • Excellent coverage
  • Dries quickly

What we didn’t like

  • No color variants

In a nutshell, the Mopar paint covers the hardtops excellently and hides all the imperfections. From easy application to durability, this hardtop paint has it all. However, it is not available in different colors and only comes in black.

3. Custom Coat Paint

The paints are categorized differently based on their key ingredients, likewise, the Custom Coat paint is the best polyurethane paint that primarily stands out for its tear resistance. The urethane paints brought an array of benefits including strong bonding, color ranges, fungus resistance, wide resilience, electrical properties, and whatnot. One feature of Custom Coat that is quite rare to beat is excellent resistance and durability.

This Custom Coat is a professional kit product designed for vehicle parts including hardtops. The kit includes a can of base pain, a standard hardener, and an easygoing spray gun. There are many ways to apply paint including a brush, roller, and sprayer, but the convenience and efficiency of a spray gun are unbeatable. Spray guns are not only easy to use but also save the paint from wastage and provide a smooth and clear texture.

In addition, the Custom Coat is a versatile product in the market that can be used for a lot of purposes. You can paint truck beds, chassis, equipment, trailers, bumpers, vehicle exteriors, hardtops, and much more using this Custom Coat product. It is easy to apply and will hide all the flaws from the surface, giving it a clean and smooth-like baby skin texture.

What we liked

  • Professional product
  • Easy for beginners
  • Sprayer included
  • Versatile

What we didn’t like

  • Expensive

In short, Custom Coat paint is an exemplary product for newbies because it comes with a sprayer that features easy application, consumes paint efficiently, and provides the finest results. I loved this product for its multifunctionality; it can be used for many vehicle parts, equipment, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you paint a jeep hard top?

Yes! Jeeps come with two kinds of tops: soft tops and hard tops, and you can paint hard tops using special touch-up paints. Usually, riders bike the hardtop of their jeeps the same as the vehicle’s body color so that it looks like a part of the body. For perfect paint, you need to consider resistance, stickiness, and quality of paint.

Is a hard top better for a Jeep?

If you’re looking for factors like durability, resistance, and resilience, there is no better choice than a hardtop. In general, the hardtops are solid, tough, stable, and can withstand external impact factors excellently including sun rays, water, heat, weather changes, corrosion, and more. They last longer than soft tops, so you don’t need to buy them repeatedly.

Do you need a hard top on the Jeep for winter?

Winter is an extreme weather condition, especially in the regions where snowfall occurs. To keep your belongings safe from rain, snow, hail, or other seasonal fluctuations, a hardtop is all that you need. The jeep hardtops are strong, resistant, and ever-lasting options for jeeps including Wranglers and Gladiators.

Final Thoughts On Painting A Jeep Hardtop

The hard tops are better than soft tops in terms of durability, tear resistance, and stability. Hard tops are designed to cope with the external weather conditions to keep the interior of your jeep safe and secure. That’s why it is best suited for travelers and people who’re planning long trips. While the best hardtop paint will be a bonus as it retains the properties of hardtop and keeps its material protected, alive, and well.